Elegant Space Solutions For The Wine Connoisseur

Elegant Space Solutions For The Wine ConnoisseurA true wine connoisseur is not someone who belongs to a Wine of the Month Club and has a glass of Pinot with dinner occasionally. Those with a passion for wine make it a part of their lives and houses. If you are ready to go from a novice who enjoys wine to a true connoisseur, then these options make it easy to elegantly store fine vintages in your home.

Watch Your Step

If Harry Potter was able to live in cupboard under the stairs, then surely this space is good enough for your reds and whites. You can take advantage of this previously unused space or make adjustments to any storage space currently tucked underneath the staircase. This lets you add wine racks without having to move or give up other elements in your rooms and gives your house a unique and exciting feature.

Crafty Kitchen Ideas

Do not go overboard even if you have enough room for gaudy wine units. Economical, creative thinking allows for neater, refined layouts. You can incorporate wine racks under the kitchen sink or island or remove the doors from a cabinet and install a wine rack inside. This works great for small wine racks because this leaves space for kitchen equipment and lets you conveniently place the wines you want to sample next in the kitchen.

Artistic Renderings

Many wine racks are simple to show off the wine selection, but decorative wine structures have their own style while offering practical value. Overstock.com has items with elephants, globes, flowers and printed images that could complement the decor you already own. Art collectors can combine function and aesthetics with wine racks made of wood that are arranged in unusual, distinctive shapes or metal designs that are twisted and molded in eye-catching patterns.

A Grand Entrance

If you are adding a wine cellar to your home, the layout and materials will be chosen for utility so your wine is stored properly. However, it is important to consider fashion too because the entrance to your cellar could entice or repel guests. Your door can keep your Merlots and Cabernets safe and still be decorated with iron patterns, rock embellishments or more. Cantera Doors invents ornate wrought iron wine cellar doors that can intrigue any audience. Your door can be purely stylized or can also hold some wine bottles that showcase what your collection is about.

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