Entryway Decor: 6 Styles that Invite Positive Energy

Delighting the senses with home decor is the entryway to great design success. First impressions matter. Whether commercial or residential, the entryway is where people care about positive experiences of invitation. Here are six enticing styling ideas to help bring out the best in entryway allure.

Dentryway Decor

Start at the Beginning

Before walking through any doors a decorative invitation directly outside of the entryway allows for the perfect seduction to what awaits inside. Outdoor porches, landings and everything in between need to offer a warm and welcoming message.

For example, well-suited colors palates of paint and textiles draw the eye, then the heart. Beautiful planters filled with gorgeous, red geraniums, lush greenery and over-sized seating meets and greets the soul nicely.


Front Doors Tell the Story

Entering a home should be an experience of gladness. Walking up to a front door that is dated, worn or just plain boring can be an instant mood-killer. Impacting positive energy with new front doors can include a combination of elements. A sturdy door, embellished with lovely lines, rich color and cooling glass features allow positive energies to flow. Too much glass can send a signal to the brain of too much personal exposure. A window-less front door can send an obstructive signal or a barricading feeling. Selecting a new front door from Canadian Comfort that will elicit balance is one of the best ways to encourage positive energy.


Surrounding Architectural Detail

A new front door is a definite crowd pleaser when it comes to attracting positive entryway vibes. Marrying a beautiful new front door with favorite surrounding moldings and casings significantly adds flare and a very impressive nuance to entryways. Consider ornate scrolling features, layered panels and intricate lines to set the best moods in entryway design.


Open the Door and…Voila!

Opening the door of any entryway is where the pedal meets the metal. There is an instantaneous desire and expectation to walk in and feel good. Keeping first impressions positive relies on simplicity. Too many details or focal points can confuse the senses and add unnecessary burden to the spirit.

For foyers large or small a lovely and slightly overstated flower arrangement placed on a table centered in the middle of the room offers immediate sensory satisfaction. A unique antique piece of furniture or family heirloom also makes a perfect positive first-impression. Personal touches which remind us of home, family and success keep positive energies alive.


Keep it Light

Out of all the design and decor factors that have the power to truly make a positive difference, it is lighting and ambiance. Even if there is no furniture to open the door to, a warm glow of indirect lighting can please. Complement with subtle light sources such as candles, fireplaces and dim-able overhead lighting options which let enough light embrace visitors without harshness or surprise. Being able to experience a relaxed feeling with proper lighting in an entryway encourages better feelings, better relationships and better design.


De-Clutter. Please!

Last but not least, one very doable style to spark positive energy levels in any entryway is to free the eye from clutter. Where there is clutter there is a sense of confusion and anxiety lurking. If entryways expose other rooms in view, make sure the first glimpse of every room owns a light and organized touch. A clutter-free style gives others mental permission to enter with a more comfortable and relaxed attitude.


Creating personal entryway styles doesn’t have to be tricky. Just try to remember to keep it simple, basic and classic. These harmonizing tools never go out of style and will turn your entryway into the welcoming space anyone can enjoy.

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