First Wave Realty and Management

First Wave Realty & Management services include property management, HOA management, vacation rental management, and property sales and exchange.

* Interactive Company Website
* Financial Accounting:
* Monthly: Income, cash flow, maintenance receipts, expenses
* Yearly Statements
* Electronic Forwarding of Rent Proceeds (optional)
* Automated rent collection and online payments (optional)
* Lease Administration
* Tenant/Applicant Screening
* Minimizing vacancy during property turnover
* Maintenance Supervision and Procurement
* Competitive contractor bids for quality work at competitive prices
* Contractor Supervision/Work Quality inspections and reports
* Real Estate Services and Consultations
* Market Evaluations
* Consideration of 1031 Exchange
* No automated phone menu systems, property owners have direct access to our broker.
* We document all phone calls and track all requests received.
* Timely response, our goal is to resolve all matters within 24 hours.

First Wave Realty & Management
P.O. Box 99495
San Diego, CA 92169

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