Five Big Ad-Ons You Should Consider Adding to Your Home

Every year, thousands of homeowners decide to make an addition to their home. However, some home additions can provide significantly more value than others. When done right, a home addition can increase a home’s value by up to 10 percent. Five Big Ad Ons You Should Consider Adding to Your Home

Bedroom in the Attic

A lot of homes have an attic, but for unknown reasons, the attic is commonly converted into a giant storage space. An excellent home addition is an attic bedroom.

This home addition can be used to turn an old, dusty attic into something useful. Although it can cost a lot of money to create a bedroom in the attic, it’s a home addition that is worth the money.

Wood Deck

Another top home addition is a wood deck. In most cases, homeowners can expect to recoup close to 80 percent of the cost of adding a wood deck to their home. The main reason why the wood deck home addition has become so popular is because homeowners want to save money.

Homeowners can accomplish this goal by spending more time at home. The additional space from the deck is what enables homeowners to spend more time at home and save money.

Expanding the Kitchen

Another popular home addition is a kitchen expansion. When potential buyers are browsing homes for sale, the kitchen is an important selling point.

In fact, research suggests that there is no part of a home that is more important than the kitchen. A home that has an expanded kitchen easily stands apart from competing homes. However, expanding the kitchen also makes food storage and preparation easier.

Adding a Bedroom

When selling a home, one of the selling points is number of bedrooms. Homeowners can add a bedroom or bathroom addition, and it will increase the resale value of their home.

However, there is another type of home addition that can be very lucrative, and it’s called a guest suite. Put simply, this home addition involves adding a bathroom to an existing room. This is a home addition that can add significant value to a home while improving quality of life.

Adding a Garage

Although it’s expensive, a garage addition can serve many purposes. Since it’s quite simple to perform, a garage addition doesn’t cost a huge amount of money, and the cost of the addition can be recouped.

Many homeowners entertain the idea of adding a garage to their home because it doesn’t require finished flooring or drywall. These are some of the top home additions that homeowners make. When cleaning up after a big project be sure to bring in professionals such as ServiceMaster by Gilmore to get everything clean and ready to be lived in.

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