Five Building Inspections You Should Get Done Yearly

Residential and commercial buildings are susceptible to wear and tear in different aspects of their construction. This wear and tear might prove to be dangerous to the building and its occupants. As such, regular inspection is necessary to ensure safety and proper functioning of the building. These five elements are crucial points that require at least one professional inspection every year.


Electricity is a major source of energy in buildings and it is used in different platforms such as heating, lighting and operation of certain devices. Electricity lines and cables should be confirmed to be in perfect condition in order to avoid tragic occurrences such as fires and electrocution. They should be properly installed to prevent human contact for safety purposes. Electricity points should be properly secured with fuses and guards to prevent dangerous power surges. In the event that a generator is available, it should preferably be automatic and work efficiently.


The structural aspect of a building entails its construction and building materials. Areas that should be inspected are walls, roofs, floors and such. Corrosion of roofs should be checked and repaired to prevent leaks. A structural inspection specialist who works in safe pipeline testing in Grande Prairie, advises that walls be checked where they meet the base at the building, as this is where cracks and erosion will usually first appear.


The mechanical aspect of a building deals with the devices that are used in the building. This could be lifts, escalators, water pumps, electricity meters, air and water filters, septic tanks, heating and cooling systems. An annual inspection on these systems will ensure that they are in tip-top shape.


Proper sanitation is achieved by having hygienic conditions in the building. This mostly entails water supply, garbage and sewage disposal. Water and sewage lines should be separate and working efficiently. An inspection will confirm leaks and clogs in the pipes. The building should have a proper garbage disposal point with a regular emptying schedule.

Green Systems

Green systems are the elements in a building that have been put up to save energy and protect the environment. These include proper insulation of walls, windows and garages, proper heating and efficient cooling of the building.

Inspection of a building is aimed at establishing the condition of a building and all its necessary points of concern. Inspection determines what needs to be maintained, what needs to be changed, the changes that need to be made or what needs to be fixed. Annual inspection eliminates the need for expensive resultant damages to the building and its occupants. It assures everyone that the building has all its safety and comfort points in check for proper living.

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