Five Expensive Problems To Avoid When You Shop For a Home

Shopping for a home can be an exciting time, especially if it is your first. Ensure that your home is a blessing, and not a curse by keeping five expensive problems in mind that you will want to avoid like the plague.

Location, location, location

Five Expensive Problems To Avoid When You Shop For a Home

When you buy a home, it should always be with an eye towards selling. As a potential new homeowner, you may think it’s charming that the train shakes the windows when it passes by every hour, but chances are, future buyers may not. School districts should be considered for the same reason. Though you may not have school aged children, many Americans weigh home purchases based on that information. Unfortunately, unless you are looking at manufactured homes, the location is permanent.

Ignoring Major Repairs

Often times, buying a home can become an emotional experience, and logical decision making abilities go out the window. If you fall in love with the perfect house, and then find it needs a new roof, keep that in mind. St louis roofing in the dead of winter for example would not be a fun experience. Think extreme camping.

Counting the Cost

Many potential home buyers consider insurance and taxes as budget line items, however, many Americans fail to do the same for energy costs. A twenty year old heating and air unit will run much less efficiently, for example, than a brand new one. If the home uses natural gas for heating and major appliances, that cost must be taken into account as well. Get your first four hundred dollar energy bill in the mail, and you will wonder if this dream house is a nightmare come true.

The Rock

Foundation problems with your home can be extremely expensive, if not impossible, to fully repair. A professional inspection can help identify problems that the untrained eye may not be able to see. If the home is cinder block, cracks near the surface may be able to be identified during a walk through.

Five Ways You Can Lower Your Heating Bills ForeverKitchens and Bathrooms

So you found the perfect house; except the bathrooms and the kitchen need to be updated. Depending on the severity, these upgrades can easily add thousands of dollars to the price of the home. Also keep in mind, that it is not uncommon to uncover serious issues such as mold or water damage during major repairs. These items in most cases, would need to be addressed immediately which would only add to the cost.

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