Five Landscaping Tricks That Make Your House Stand Out

Landscaping can implement a variety of effective landscape techniques that will showcase a home. A well-maintained and welcoming yard will draw in potential buyers and help make the sale.

Front yard

The front yard has a lot of impact, because it will make the first impression. A fast-growing tree, for shade and privacy, can make an excellent selling point. One or two well-placed flower beds or a small water feature will brighten up a space tremendously. Neatly trimmed shrubs, around the foundation, will give the house the effect of being nestled in the landscape. A general theme, such as a repeating color or texture will tie the landscape together. Grass needs to be neatly clipped and free of weeds.

Back yard

Consider adding an outdoor kitchen to the backyard, for maximum marketability. Granite is the ideal material to use, because it offers a great deal of variety and beauty and is very durable. Screening the yard with either a decorative fence or ornamental hedge will provide privacy and a welcome retreat.


A couple well thought out potted arrangements will frame and enliven the entryway. Arrangements in hanging baskets add interest and draw the eye up. Be sure that the front door looks fresh. A striking but tasteful color or a floral wreath will make a pleasing accent to the house.

Small yards

Small yards can be either cozy or cramped. To make the most of limited space, there are a few tricks one can employ. Create a cozy corner by planting the perimeter of a small area with lush plants, to act as a screen. Evergreens work particularly well in this instance. This will give the effect of having come upon a small clearing in a vast forest. Add contrasting textures and interesting lines for the eye to follow, to transform a small, boring space into a work of art.

Outdoor lighting

Landscape lighting looks lovely and increases security. It can be used to highlight and enhance a striking feature or to light walkways and entryways. It brightens up a home in winter and helps people avoid slippery areas.

Experts such as Landscape Designworks can help seal the home buying deal with a yard that promises plenty of backyard barbeques, relaxing days, and fun times for the kids and/or pets. In today’s economy, it’s more important than ever to use all the tools at one’s disposal to make one’s home stand out. A great yard will help lead to a big sale.

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