Five Major Problems That Could Lower Your Home Value

5 major problems that could lower your home value

Several factors go into how much your home is actually worth such as square footage, the number of rooms, location and the condition of your home. Some factors that determine the value of your home aren’t easy to change, but some are under your control. Below are five major things that might lower the value of your home.

Bad Curb Appeal

If taking care of your yard isn’t a priority, it’s going to be hard to sell your home. Having strong curb appeal sells over half the homes on the market! Take a look at what’s popular with landscaping today. If you have weeds all over and too many high maintenance plants, it’s going to be a problem. Fix the yard up and watch your value increase.

Septic Tank Problems

If you have problems with your septic tank, you’re going to have problems selling your home, and its value will drop immensely. The maintenance on your septic system is very minimal and only requires a call to the septic company every few years for pumping and inspection. Septic tank inspection in Raleigh and other warmer cities is especially important, since unexpected cold weather could create cracks in the system. No one is going to want to take that chance on a faulty septic system. Make sure your septic system stays in good shape by calling a professional to have it inspected. This will help you maintain the value of your home.

Interior Home Problems

Do you have pictures of the family on every wall in the house? Is the house cluttered with all your trinkets and possessions? It is dimly lit and dusty or dirty? These things can be remedied, but if you don’t clean the place up and take care of your home, it will be a concern for a buyer as well as lower the value of your home.

Major Repairs

If your home has major problems such as a leaking roof, a bad HVAC system, busted pipes or a mold problem, it will be a huge issue for a potential buyer, and it will lower the value of your home. You need to have all of these repairs done before they get worse and potentially cost you a lot more money to fix. If not, you’re basically leaving a new homeowner to take care of costly repairs, and they aren’t going to do that. Get a nice professional to do the fixing up.

School District

If the schools in your district are not flourishing and healthy, it can drive the value of your home down. Most people want to move into homes that have schools that are top-notch. Although you can’t improve the reputation of the schools, studies show that schools with parents who are involved do better. Good schools coincide with wealthier neighborhoods as well.

This is a quick list of five things that can lower the value of your home. Some problems might be out of your hands, but hopefully you have some do-able solutions that can help get your value back up again.

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