Five Steps For Making Your Lawn Beautiful

what you'll need to know beforeThere is no such thing as a perfect lawn, but there are steps a homeowner can take to make a lawn as green and lush as possible. The following five steps will lead to healthy, beautiful grass.


Proper Mowing Height

Grass has different needs at different times of the year and requires several mowing heights. In the spring, two inches to three inches is the perfect height to allow the grass blades to absorb sunlight and produce food. The grass should be allowed to grow higher during the summer and then be cut to one and one-half inches in the autumn. No more than one-third of grass height should be removed at any time.


Sharp Mower Blade

The brand of mower used to maintain a lawn does not matter, but the sharpness of its blade does. Blades that are dull will tear at grass and make it more vulnerable to diseases and pests. A blade is dull if grass shows a brown line after a few mowings. For the best results, a mower blade should be sharpened twice per year.


Regulated Watering

All grass requires water, but too much water can cause more problems than too little. Since most lawn turf can withstand some dryness, the homeowner should use a rain gauge to decide when a lawn needs water. Overall, the lawn should be watered enough to soak the soil six inches deep. In some areas, watering regulations need to be followed, and homeowners should always abide by local ordinances.



Grass should never be overfertilized. Using a fertilizer once in the spring, summer and autumn, including after the first frost, is sufficient for keeping the lawn healthy. Using too much fertilizer can render a lawn sterile, which prevents the grass from growing. The homeowner should always follow the fertilizer directions and obtain the right type for the turf being used.



It always easier to prevent a problem than it is to fix it later. Beautiful lawns result from consistent maintenance. The homeowner should deal with weeds and thin spots immediately and should make sure to use an aerator in the fall to keep soils from becoming too compacted. Pre-emergent herbicides work well for common weeds such as crabgrass.


Following the simple tips above will result in a healthy green lawn that will be the envy of the neighborhood.

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