Five Things In Your Home That May Be Causing Low Water Pressure

Five Things in Your Home That May Be Causing Low Water PressureYou have had a long day at work and you look forward to a long shower. You have lively plans for a lively evening, or you simply want to relax at home. You hit the door and head straight to the shower only to twist the valve and get a dribble. Or you need to water the lawn or run the dishwasher or bathe the dog. What might be the problem? Of five possible causes of low water pressure in your home, you could solve two yourself, but three would require the services of a professional plumber.

Clogged Aerator Screens

Many spigots have aerator screens which are easy to twist off. Check the aerator screen on the spigot you are trying to use and clean off the debris you find, happy in the knowledge that this rubbish has not made it into your water glass. Check all of your aerator screens while you are thinking about it.

Partially Shut Valves

Someone in your household may have needed to close a pipe valve for some reason and neglected to turn it completely on again. Check the valves serving the spigot in question to make sure it is fully open.

Pressure Regulator

All homes have a water pressure regulator which is set when it is installed. A problem can occur with the regulator or maybe at installation the pressure was set too low. In this instance, a professional plumbing and drain cleaning service can check the pressure regulator. This job is not one for the average person but one for a licensed plumber.

Debris or Minerals in the Pipes

Debris or minerals can build up over time in pipes serving your home, restricting the flow of water. This problem can be difficult to diagnose because these pipes are less accessible than aerators or valves. If you have tried other solutions to low water pressure with no success, pipes clogged by debris or minerals would be a likely culprit.


According to Plumb Perfect Ltd., an emergency plumber in Mississauga, leaks in your pipes will usually be difficult to detect, as most pipes are hidden in walls or cabinets. Perhaps the leak will cause a wet spot on a wall or floor or water will seep through ceiling fixtures. In these cases, you definitely need to call a professional plumber.


Low water pressure can have other causes, as well. The municipal water supply could have issues that you cannot address except by calling the water company, or you could be wanting to use your water during a peak supply time. Regardless, low water pressure can be frustrating, especially when you have something special to do and need water now! After checking aerator screens and water valves, a licensed plumber will be your new best friend.

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