Five Things Landlords Should Never Neglect

Five Things Landlords Should Never Neglect

Keeping a building safe and clean for tenants should be every landlord’s number-one priority. By taking care of some of the most serious trouble areas, landlords can protect their biggest investments.

Cleaning Gutters

Keeping the gutters cleared is an important task for landlords. The gutters can collect leaves and debris that can seriously damage the gutter system. When such debris clutters the gutter the rain has nowhere to fall and often ends up flowing inside windows and sills, damaging the wood around the window and the furniture inside the apartment. Allow debris to collect in the gutter can also lead to serious problems, such as wood rot on the main structure and leaky roofs. Cleaning the gutter or hiring someone to clean the gutter will keep the rain where it’s supposed to be.


One of the biggest complaints tenants have is pest control. When tenants complain about rats, mice or bugs, the landlord should hire a professional to lay traps and spray for pests. If not done, these problems could worsen or lead to even more serious problems. Bugs can carry disease, smell bad and can ruin a tenant’s food supply. Mice and rats can also carry and spread disease. They could bite children or pets, passing diseases like rabies. Calling the exterminator as soon as possible can keep tenants and their pets safe.

Clearing Front Stoop

Clearing the front stoop is one of the most important jobs a landlord can keep abreast of. Especially in areas of the country where the stoop can collect snow and ice, the landlord should either clear the stoop themselves or hire someone else to clear the stoop regularly. By shoveling snow as soon as the snow falls, landlords can ensure tenants aren’t tracking wet snow into the building—which can create slippery floors and stairs. By clearing ice from the stoop immediately, the landlord can prevent someone falling. In many states, landlords are also responsible for keeping sidewalks clear too. Failing to do this might result in a serious injury from a passerby and an equally serious lawsuit.

Keeping on top of the apartment building’s maintenance issues can help landlords keep tenants safe and buildings comfortable for many years.

Parking Lot

It is the landlord’s responsibility to keep parking lots safe for tenants at all times. The landlord must keep the parking lot free from debris and obstructions that could damage cars or lead to a collision. According to a specialist from Superior Asphalt Paving Ltd, this often involves repairing the potholes and cracks that develop over time in the asphalt. He or she must also ensure all lights are working properly, turn on at dusk and are bright enough for tenants to see and feel safe. If the parking lot has a security fence, a security camera or an alarm system, the landlord must maintain these features.

Keeping abreast of the apartment building’s maintenance issues can help landlords keep tenants safe and buildings comfortable for many years.

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