Five Things That Will Make Your House Safer and Avoid Costly Repairs

Minor Home ImprovementsHomeowners in general have many responsibilities. One of these is maintaining the house so that it remains safe. Homes that are safe and well maintained tend to have fewer unexpected problems. There are five things that will help to make a house safer and that will help homeowners to avoid costly repairs in the future.

5. Sump Pump

A sump pump is a device that is installed in the basement in order to deal with water. The pump is installed below the level of the floor usually in a small well. The pump is hooked to pipes or another system that leads outside of the house or into municipal sewers. The pump can be set to activate as soon as water is detected around the device. A sump pump requires some work to install. It will prevent an influx of water from flooding, rain or seepage from accumulating and damaging equipment or the foundation.

4. Home Monitoring And Security Systems

Security and monitoring systems will protect your home in a number of ways. The system will deter criminals and prevent vandalism and break-ins. This protects the family from intruders. A security system that includes monitoring hardware will protect the home from unexpected emergencies as well. Sensors that detect smoke, fire, changes in moisture and carbon monoxide will alert the people in the home that something is wrong. This can stop a fire or other emergency before it can do significant damage.

3. New Gutters

Many potentially costly repairs can be avoided by installing a proper gutter system along the edge of the roof. Rain that falls from a roof without gutters drops directly to the ground in a large sheet. This water is absorbed into the soil and wicks towards the walls and foundation of the house. The falling water can cause damage to weak siding. The main danger is that it will cause serious water damage that will crack the foundation and flood the basement. With professional gutter installation Palo Alto homeowners have the opportunity to spend a little in order to prevent serious future damage. Gutters draw water into a downspout where it is deposited in safe location away from the foundation.

2. Landscaping

The trees and other plantings around a home can cause damage and injuries when not cared for properly. Large and unkempt branches have the potential to break because of rain or strong winds. The falling branch can punch a hole in the roof, shatter windows, damage items on the ground or even hit a person standing in the yard. It is important to prune trees or hire professional landscapers to remove problematic branches.

1. Ventilation

A good ventilation system will help to protect a home from several forms of damage. It also improves the air quality throughout the house. Ventilation systems will circulate the air inside of a home or move the air in different rooms outdoors. This will lower the amount of allergens, dust and particulate matter in the air. Better air quality means fewer respiratory problems. Ventilation also prevents the development of harmful molds that could eat away at the structure of the house and cause environmental problems. Ventilation allows homeowners to avoid the need for the expensive mold remediation later.

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