Five Things to Get for the New House

Shopping for a new home is an exciting moment in your life, and as soon as you finish signing the paperwork, you’ll want to move right into that home. Before you carry in even a single box, make sure that you have the things you need. Many people find that they use paper plates and plastic utensils for few weeks until unpacking, and others find that they are completely unprepared for living in a new house. Whether you moved before or this is your first home, you need a few simple things.

Lawn and Garden Tools

When you go from a rental property to your first home, you likely have no idea how to maintain your own lawn. Apartment dwellers never worry about lawn care, and landlords typically mow the lawns of rental homes. After moving into your home, purchase your first lawn mower. According to an expert, you can find mowers suitable for larger and smaller homes.

Stocked Toolbox

A stocked toolbox is a necessity for any homeowner. When you need to put together that new bookshelf you just bought, you don’t want to fumble around your house or dig through boxes to find a screwdriver. A fully stocked toolbox can also help you when hanging pictures and artwork or making minor repairs around the house. You can buy a box with a few tools inside or create your own box based on the tools you think you might need.

New Locks

Unless you buy a new house built to your specifications, you need to purchase new locks for your home. Think about the number of people who lived there over the years and how many of those people still have a key to the front or back door. As soon as the previous owner hands over the keys, buy your own locks and replace the original locks on the door.

Cleaning Supplies

Don’t forget to add cleaning supplies to the list of things you need when you move into your new house. With the kids running around and the movers coming and going, you might find yourself facing scuff marks on the walls and floors. Cleaning supplies will also help you handle spills and accidents.

Smoke Detectors

Swapping out the smoke detectors in the house is something that many homeowners forget to do. You never know if the batteries are good or if the smoke detectors even work. Adding smoke detectors and these other items will prepare you for the first few weeks in your new home.

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