Five Things You Can Do To Spruce Up Any Room

At some point, every room needs some updating and redecorating in order to make it feel fresh and fun again. Below are five simple tips that will help you liven up any room for an invigorating and more enjoyable environment.

1. Choose a new paint color.

Repainting the walls in a new, clean color is a great way to bring life back to a tired room. Bright wall colors look great when paired with more neutral carpet and furnishing selections. By contrast, neutral wall colors can provide the perfect backdrop for bright and vibrant furniture and decorations. For a mix of both bright and neutral on the walls, consider painting only one wall in a stand-out shade while leaving the rest an unobtrusive softer hue.

2. Hang new pictures.

Rotating art work is another simple and inexpensive way to update the look of a room. Paintings that have been hanging in the same spot year after year tend to blend into the background. Think about taking the art from the front room and moving it into the den and vice versa for a new look that will be sure to catch your eye.

3. Install new window treatments.

Replacing old blinds and curtains for something new and attractive also helps give a room a newly decorated appearance. Removing outdated and discolored mini blinds and trading them for bright and elegant plantation shutters is a great way to lighten up a room for instant added appeal. It can also create an expensive designer look even on a budget.

4. Switch out old fixtures.

Yellowed, stained or old-fashioned light switch fixtures, door knobs, celling fans and chandeliers can make a room look outdated and dirty. Replace them with new fixtures in bright colors with a clean finish for an immediate update. Replacing some fixtures, such as ceiling fans and hanging lights, can actually save you money when you install newer, energy efficient models.

5. Display new accessories.

Even if you don’t have the budget to buy a whole room full of new accessories, switching out a few minor items can make a big difference. Try soothing and neutral colored accessories with brightly painted walls or add a pop of color to neutral walls with fun and vibrant decorations. Even changing your decorations with the seasons can bring a fresh new look to the rooms in your home.

By following the tips above, any room can be spruced up for a fun and updated look!

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