Five Tips For Preparing Yourself Against Home Invaders

People move about their homes with gaming machines or watch a flat-screen TV without pulling the drapes. People give directions to anyone holding a clipboard at the front door. People talk to those putting fliers on their front doorknob. Be warned: these could be indications a thief is casing your house. Here are five ways to foil a home invader.


Close the Windows

Burglars often walk a dog for their evening exercise. They are targeting the next robbery. They will look through lighted windows to see what they can see. While it’s not a crime to go for a walk, a stranger in the neighborhood might be up to something for which he would need a criminal defense attorney.


How to foil him: keep the drapes closed. Keep the lights off in uninhabited rooms so he can’t see what’s in them.


Check Behind Workmen

Thieves often “work” as repairmen, painters or yard workers. They will see people’s belongings without seeming to notice. They will also unlock a window for later use.

How to foil him: go through the house locking windows and doors. Lock ladders in the garage at night.


Dogs and Neighbors

Burglars hate dogs. They also hate neighbors with noses in the neighbors’ business. A burglar might break a window, but if a neighbor investigates, he’ll drop the idea.


How to foil him: start a neighborhood watch and keep a sharp eye out for strangers in the neighborhood. Get a dog with a loud bark.



Thieves work in all types of weather. Rain isn’t going to stop someone wanting your laptop and e-reader. Snow is a problem for homeowners going on vacation because a thief will see no tire tracks or footprints. Soggy newspapers piling up in the drive is another dead giveaway.


Preventing breakinsHow to foil him: have a neighbor collect the papers and drive in the driveway while you’re gone. Have neighbors tramp through the yard because disturbed soil in rain or snow tells a thief someone’s got an eye on the place.


Make Him Nervous

Thieves don’t like loud noises. If the TV or a radio is on, he’ll move on to something else.


How to foil him: have neighbors or family turn on the TV for a bit or get a timer.


Remember a thief wants a quick in quick out job. Foiling him will keep your homeowners insurance rates down.

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