Five Tips For Saving Space While Renting a Studio

As you probably know, studio rooms are incredibly small, and if you have a lot of stuff, it can be hard to work with the space you’re given. Never fear; there are several ways you can get around the limited space you have for your things. These are five tips for saving space while renting a studio!


Buy Furniture that Fits the Space


Because your living space is small, you need to think small when it comes to buying and moving furniture in. For example, don’t opt for that big sectional couch when in reality, it will take up a quarter of your living space. Go for smaller furniture that can better accommodate such small living spaces. Many pieces of furniture come with storage on them, such as headboards or tables with drawers. These are perfect for studios.


Use Furniture for Multiple Purposes


You don’t need your furniture to serve one purpose and one purpose only when you live in a studio. Let your creativity soar, and you could easily find yourself doubling furniture for separate purposes. For example, a computer monitor could double as a TV, or a desk could also be used as a dining or card table.


Store Things You Don’t Immediately Need in Cases


Cases are the perfect way to get things stowed away. has a great selection of all different types of cases you can organize and store your things in. You can either store your cases in your studio apartment for extra storage, or you can stow them away in self storage units. The possibilities are endless with Allcases!


Use an Attachable Door Shoe Rack


Don’t take up unnecessary room on the floor by lining your shoes up or piling them next to the door. Grab an shoe rack that is designed to attach to doors and use it in the studio. In the space where you used to store your shoes at on the floor, you can place a filing cabinet or some other piece of furniture and ultimately free up lots of space!


Use Tables for Storage


Do you have a coffee table that sits in front of your sofa that serves no other real purpose than to set a few things on? Why not use it as another means of storage, drape a large cloth over it, and stow things underneath it? You could even find fancy fabrics to liven the decoration up while extending your storage space!

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