Five Tips For Taking The Stress Out of Moving

For those homeowners who are faced with moving, the experience can be traumatic if it’s not dealt with properly. There are 5 simple tips however, that will reduce the stress of relocating, and help make the process go smoothly.


Schedule A Summer Move


Moving during the summer months has many benefits. Moving companies will generally advertise off-peak rates which will help to significantly reduce expenses. For homeowners with children, moving during summer months means more flexible schedules because of school vacation. Relocating during the summer offers a great start to a stress free move.


Securing Self Storage Space


Palm Springs CA self storage is the perfect solution to handle interim storage problems. For home owners that may need to move into a house that is still being worked on, self storage units offer a temporary spot for furniture and personal property that may simply be in the way. Self storage also offers a good solution for homeowners who haven’t determined what should be kept, what should be sold, or what should remain in storage indefinitely.


Get The Children Involved


Allowing children to pack their own personal belongings will help to reduce their stress, and make them feel like they are part of the process. This should be done before moving day so that children are not in harms way while workers are packing boxes, moving furniture, or loading trucks.


Pack Personal Items Well In Advance


Three Tips for Moving without Damaging Your Home or BelongingsAnything that can be packed in advance will help reduce the workload on moving day. Waiting until the last minute will only result in confusion, arguments, and lost or broken items. By taking care of small decorative pieces and personal property, decisions can be made about what should be thrown away, sold, or stored. This is also a good reason to consider ExtraSpace Storage in Spring Texas.


Plan For Free Time After The Move


Nothing is so stressful as having to go back to work or school right after moving into a new home. When at all possible, families should schedule a few days after the move is complete to unwind, relax, and begin to adjust. Knowing that you have to return to work the day after you’ve moved in to a new home is only a recipe for stress.


In general, planning ahead is certainly the best recommendation for reducing stress on moving day. By following the 5 tips listed above, homeowners will be well on their way to a problem-free relocation.

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