Five Tips To Prepare Your Home For The Summer

When summer comes, there are things you should do to keep your home safe and comfortable. Many of these tasks do not take much time and will end up saving you a lot of money on energy bills, in addition to keeping you cooler.


Hang solar drapes


Windows are a source for a lot of heat entering the home. This is especially true of windows that are south or southwest facing and are not shaded by trees or other landscaping features. Any type of curtain will block some of the heat. However, solar drapes are specially made to block even more.


Check doors and windows


Holes and gaps around all windows and exterior doors will allow cool air out and hot air in. This means a lot of money lost when you are running your air conditioner. Close these leaks with weather stripping, caulk or expanding foam.


Have the Air Conditioner Serviced


An air conditioner should be cleaned and serviced at least once a year, preferably before you start using it in the spring or summer. You will need to replace or clean the filter. This needs to be done about every two months while the A/C is operating. The evaporator and condenser coils may also need to be cleaned. You can do this yourself, after fully disengaging the A/C from any electricity, or you can have an A/C contractor do it for you.


In addition to cleaning, you should have a contractor check the unit for any needed repairs and see if the refrigerant is low. Visit to learn more about services and repairs for your air conditioner.


Check insulation in the Attic


Most people do not think about attic insulation except on cold winter days and nights. Insulation is an important part of summer protection as well, however. It keeps the cool air in your home and prevents heat from radiating down into your home. You can replace or add insulation on your own, if you feel comfortable doing so. Otherwise, contact a knowledgeable contractor to do it for you.


Get the Fans Ready


Fans, and especially ceiling fans, are important to use even if you have a good air conditioner. Fans keep air moving, which reduces humidity and creates a breeze to help the body stay cooler. Dust off your fans and check cords for any frayed wiring – all electrical devices with signs of damage to cords should be replaced. If you use your ceiling fans in winter, you probably know that the blades should turn clockwise during the cooler months. In the summer, you need to reverse this so that the blades are turning counter-clockwise.


Taking these steps can increase your comfort level indoors and help your air conditioner last longer. A hot home makes an A/C work harder, resulting in higher bills, more repairs and reduced lifespan of the compressor. Each step you take to cool the home down and keep your A/C in good repair means dollars saved and a better summer.

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