Five Tips To Spruce Up Your Homes Curb Appeal

For those homeowners who are interested in improving their homes curb appeal, there are several fundamental steps that can be taken that will create a sold foundation to work from. Often times projects will not require a significant cash outlay, and will only demand a little bit of time from the homeowner.


This is generally where most homeowners begin. Homes that have been neglected for years may need the help of professional painters to get the job done. Homes that only need minor cosmetics however, may be considered a DIY project. If professional help is in the budget, the job will be done faster and will generally last much longer.


For those homeowners with existing fencing, painting and minor repairs will make certain it doesn’t appear neglected. For homeowners who are considering new fencing, keeping the design simple will usually offer the best result. Custom Gates Fort Worth will add a nice touch to any fencing project, and will help to create an eye-catching entrance way that will be inviting to both family and visitors. Professional installation is always recommended for sizable fencing projects.


It goes without saying that lawn areas and planting beds should be well maintained. Any large, mature shrubs that are growing in front of the home should be carefully trimmed so they don’t appear overpowering. Visitors should be able to see the house clearly with little obstruction from plantings.

Clean The Roof

Homeowners will often neglect this area of the home. The roof should be clean and free of any debris, such as sticks and other organic material. A professional roofer will offer power washing services that will handle the job well. Homeowners who insist on attempting this as a DIY project should keep safety in mind at all times. Inexperienced use of a power washer can also result in damage to asphalt shingles and other roofing material.

General Maintenance

Homeowners should take the time to visually inspect the front of their home and check for anything that needs attention. Damaged shutters, exterior lighting that may need repair, broken lattice work, and other design elements should all be examined closely.


A thorough cleaning of the front yard certainly goes without saying. Toys, furniture, and yard tools should all be put in their respective storage areas. Most projects that are aimed at improving curb appeal should only take a few hours during the weekend to complete, unless they require the attention of a professional.

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