Five Ways to Maintain Your Wood Floors

Five Ways to Maintain Your Wood Floors

Wood floors can add a special effect to a home that can’t be achieved by anything else. However, the great looks of your wood floors can began to fade over time if they aren’t properly maintained. But what steps should you take to preserve the beauty of your wood floors?

Clean Your Floor Regularly

Small particles such as dust, sand, and dirt can accumulate on your floor over time. While it may not seem like an immediate issue, these particles can seriously scratch your wood floors over time. Maintaining a regular cleaning schedule for your floors can solve this problem. Not only will this help prevent scratches from occurring, but it will also make your floor shine!

Place Pads On Furniture

According to Sartori Custom Homes, Calgary estate home builders, furniture can scratch a wood floor more than anything, and the scratches are usually deep and harder to repair. This would be a major problem for homeowners who move furniture often, however it is easily solved. Adhesive pads and glides are an inexpensive and effective way to prevent nearly all scratches from furniture.

Clean Spills Right Away

Stains can be some of the most obvious flaws of a wood floor, and are almost always the result of food or drinks. Removing a stain that has been sitting for several days is a very difficult and time consuming process. However, this can be skipped simply by cleaning the area of the spill immediately. This way the spillage will not have enough time to soak into the wood and will not result in a long lasting stain.

Monitor Home Humidity

Water damage is certainly not something you would want to have to solve with wood floors. If the water damage is severe enough, it can completely ruin the affected area. The most common form of water damage to wood floors is due to home humidity. This usually occurs while the owners are on vacation, as they would not be there to adjust the air conditioning units. A good humidity for hardwood floors is between 35% and 55%, as the wood is not too dry and brittle, but it is also not saturated with water.

In conclusion, wood floors are can be the most beautiful part of your home with the proper care. Usually, making sure no water leaks have occurred and keeping your home clean can prevent any major damage from occurring. With just a little effort, your wood floors could become the envy of the neighborhood.

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