Five Ways You Can Add the Feel Of Luxury to Your Home

Five Ways You Can Add the Feel Of Luxury to Your HomeA few years ago, a large remodel was a sure way to increase the value of your home and many home remodeling projects paid for themselves when it was time to sell the home. However, that is no longer always true. Today, home prices are still recovering and home owners are choosing to stay in their homes rather than sell them at low prices. If you are making the choice to live in your home, rather than selling it, there are still minor upgrades and improvements that will give your home a feeling of luxury, even if you are on a budget.


Bathroom remodels have always been a popular choice when it comes to remodeling. Bathroom trends continue to focus on creating a spa-like experience at home. However, a bathroom does not need a complete remodel to become a relaxing oasis. Fresh paint, a grouping a beautiful scented candles and high-end bath linens can help you prepare for your new spa bathroom.


Kitchens are another popular choice when it comes to home remodeling projects. Adding luxury to your kitchen may be as simple as replacing an outdated faucet or replacing old appliances. Repainting cabinet doors creates dramatic change on a budget. If you love to cook and spend lots of time in your kitchen, consider rearranging it to get the best possible workflow.


In the bedroom, a closet organizer can vastly improve a closet and help you keep things tidy. Closet organizers can be installed professionally or the home owner can do it themselves using a pre-designed system. You can also create your own system based on your specific needs.


While it would be nice to replace all of your furniture at once, that may not be possible. Instead, look for pieces or styles of furniture you love and slowly add them to your home. If replacing furniture is out of your budget, a new slipcover can give new life to a worn, but otherwise functional, couch or chair.


If you have a backyard with a little privacy, consider extending your outdoor living space. A nice arrangement of outdoor furniture will give you a new room to use in the summer months. You can create privacy, if needed, by hanging wooden lattices to create an attractive barrier wall. In addition to seating, consider adding a small flower or herb garden to make your backyard beautiful. Some edible plants, such as zucchini and tomatoes are generally easy to grow and have beautiful flowers.

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