Five Ways You Can Lower Your Heating Bills Forever

When living in a cold area, one will have to pay a lot in electric bills. This is hard to avoid. With a few common sense steps, one can permanently lower their power bill. In fact, here are five ways you can reduce your heating bills forever.Five Ways You Can Lower Your Heating Bills Forever


With insulation from companies like Reitzel Insulation which does spray insulation in Toronto, one can keep their house temperature higher. This will save a homeowner money as he or she will not have to use the heater all the time. Over the course of a couple of years, a homeowner will save enough money on this investment that he or she can easily justify the added expense. Insulation is a great start as it lasts a long time and does not take away from the ambiance.


With double pane windows, one can save money as valuable heat will not escape the house. This is an easy step to take as one can install the windows in an afternoon. Furthermore, with double pane windows, the house will not be as loud and residents can rest easy and not have to worry about loud neighbors or cars.


With a well-placed skylight, one can allow the sun to enter the house. This will warm up a room significantly. Not only that, people in the house will enjoy the natural sunlight. Of course, in the summer, this may present problems. However, with a cheap curtain, one can alleviate the issue in the summer. Simply put, with a new skylight, one can enjoy the ambiance and free heat.


Often, a house will have dozens of small cracks all over the place. This is not good for a person who wants to avoid wasting energy. With these cracks, cold air will winter the house and residents will feel the pinch. Luckily, with a caulking gun and some caulk, one can fix the holes and avoid wasting energy. Since this is such a cheap investment to make, one should do this before taking any other steps.

Fireplace cover

With a fireplace, one can warm up the house without spending a lot of money. People also love this as it is a beautiful way to enjoy a nice winter night. Of course, a fireplace, when not in use, allows cold air to enter the house. Now, with a small piece of plywood, one can block the cold air from entering the house.

With these five tips, one can save money on their heating bill in the long-term.

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