Four Ideas for Organizing Your Tools and Gardening Equipment

Organizing can be a daunting task, especially when it comes to gardening equipment and tools. It’s often easiest to toss everything in a huge pile, but then it becomes a struggle to find something when you need it. Get rid of the piles for good! Here are four tips for organizing your tools and gardening equipment to make your life easier:

Keep Everything in One Place

One of the reasons yard and gardening equipment is often hard to find is because we don’t keep it in the same place. Consider keeping one specific shed for just tools and gardening equipment. Make sure to always put everything back in that shed. Vinyl sheds, especially Amish utility sheds, work especially well to keep everything safe and dry.

Utilize Wall Space

To keep large tools like rakes and shovels from getting tangled up and in the way, hang hooks or boards with screws in them to a wall where you can hang everything that has a handle. This also makes it easy to spot items when you need them and gives you more room for shelves and boxes in the central area of your shed or garage.

Make Smart Use of ShelvingMinor Home Improvements

Likewise, make sure to stock up on plenty of shelving for your shed or garage where you can keep smaller tools and supplies organized. Make one particular shelf for gardening equipment and another for household tools, for example. Other shelves can be used for fertilizer, seeds and miscellaneous yard supplies. It’s important to keep all of your supplies safe from moisture and weather, so choose carefully when you pick the material for your sheds and shelving. Find options that will hold up in your local climate. For example, vinyl utility sheds in PA work best because they prevent leaks and mold better than a wood shed might. The same is true of shelving options. If you live somewhere that is very humid, you may not want steel wire shelves, because they will quickly rust if left untreated.

Label Everything

If you need help remembering where you stored everything, remember to label the shelves and hooks so you can easily put everything back in its place. This helps the entire family remember your organizational system as well. Organization is often a family effort. Small boxes such as shoe boxes work well for storing small tools and parts and can be written on for easy labeling.

By taking a few moments to plan out how you can best organize your garage and sheds, you can turn a messy jumble of tools and gardening supplies into a storage area that’s tidy and lets you find everything you need with ease. Organization sometimes takes a solid plan of action and a few ideas, but the effort pays off for years to come.

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