Four Ways to Keep Your Belongings Safe During a Move

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Moving to a new residence is almost always exciting, but with excitement often is dread when the actual packing begins. Home is not only “where the heart is” but also is where many of life’s most cherished treasures are stored. Relocating can be a hassle, but there are several tips we would like to share that help ensure safe transfer of personal belonging.

1. Care of individual items

As the move gets closer, save newspapers for wrapping and stuffing. Breakable items such as glasses and plates should be wrapped individually. Fill the empty spaces in each box with balls of paper or pieces of plastic. Another good filler is bubble wrap.

2. Pack boxes

Once each item is protected, boxes should be filled. With heavier more fragile items, the boxes should not be too large. As the items are placed inside they should fit fairly snug with extra packing material filling the empty spaces. Another tip is to try to keep items together that would be stored together in a new home. Although this is not always possible, whenever it is, the unpacking process will be less difficult. Be sure to tape boxes securely so the contents do not spill and label boxes that are fragile. Finally, a color or number system on the outside of the boxes will assist in the unloading process to know where each box needs to go. Assign each room a color and label the boxes accordingly.

3. Protect furniture

When larger pieces are being loaded, moving blankets are invaluable. Exposed wood, glass, mirrors, and other items that could be easily damaged should be protected. Most moving companies will provide some blankets for the move, but be creative and use old towels, sheets, and blankets of your own to protect your nicer things.

4. Placing the largest and heaviest items

Before the actual loading begins, it would be wise to take a few moments to make mental notes of what you will be moving. Movers Knoxville TN offers great moving advice and rents dollies to move larger pieces. Many items like pianos, entertainment centers, and taller items should be loaded first. Use mattresses and boxes around these items to protect them from scratches or other damage. Appliances probably need to go on last so they can be unloaded first at the new location. If the move is long distance, refrigerators and freezers should be where they could be reached easily and plugged in while the truck is parked.

A little caution will go a long way to keeping your move safe and free from breakage. It does require a lot of work, but with a little preparation, your move can be much less stressful if you follow these tips. Also, anyone who helps will appreciate the extra effort.

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