Fowler Property Management

Fowler Property Management is a full service residential property management company. Located in the heart of Boulder, Colorado, Fowler has been one-family owned and operated since the company was founded in 1967.

Fowler Property Management
2400 28th St.
Boulder, CO 80301

3 thoughts on “Fowler Property Management”

  1. Sigalit Stein says:

    The owner of this company, Mr. Dan Fowler, also owns Sherrelwood Services, Inc. Through collaboration between these two companies fleecing and dishonest business is sometimes possible.
    I am a landlord who hired this company. I had just bought a new condo. To prevent me from fixing it before handing it to their management Sherrelwood gave me a low quote for the entirety of the work needed, plus a couple of perks. Fowler Property Management then sent me the bill and charged me and lied about the services being rendered.
    They then charged me a second and third time, and even charged the tenants.
    One tenant, not in my unit, has testified that they moved in to a dirty unit where the carpet was covered with a thick layer of dog hair. He then said Fowler Property Management charged him $500 for cleaning that carpet. I wonder whether they were also going to charge my tenants in the same way, for services that I already paid for once and twice. I wonder whether that tenant’s landlord has also paid for that carpet to be cleaned once or twice.

    The day my tenants moved in the toilets and refrigerator flooded, ruining the floors I had just paid for. The details are endless. They were going to falsely claim all of my annual rental income to themselves. I also collected lower rent.

    My suggestion is, do business with someone else. If you are around to be always managing your management company, you might as well be managing tenants instead.

  2. Former tenant says:

    The last apartment that I rented was through Fowler. It ended up being a big mistake. There seemed to be endless problems with the property. The bathroom door-handle fell off the first time I turned the handle, the fire alarm went off from steam on an almost daily basis, the sink leaked, the dishwasher was ineffective, the heat didn’t work well, and only some of the burners worked. Also, throughout the year me and my roommate paid pet fees for our two ferrets. After paying a pet fee every single month, Fowler didn’t give us back a portion of our security deposit citing damage to the carpet from the pets tearing it up. So if you enjoy negligence, poor conditions, and have no desire to get back your security deposit Fowler is the company for you!

  3. You won’t find many property management companies on Yahoo with a 4.5 star rating. That’s very rare.
    I hire people. Not companies. I am a landlord and have trusted my property to Ryan at FPM for 5 years. My property is on the low-end of the scale for rentals but Ryan has always done a great job.
    We have faced many challenges together and sometime I haven’t always been the easiest person to do business with but Ryan continues to be friendly and puts up with my krap and he can read my mind.
    I just fired another PM company and gave the property to Ryan. If you want fire your PM and need someone that can pick up the ball and run with it – hire Ryan and Kevin at FPM. They are very very good. Don’t be afraid to fire your property management company. Just have the file left at the front desk and Ryan will even pick it up for you.
    I cannot say enough good things about FPM. The receptionist is always friendly, Kevin is a great accountant and Ryan does an excellent job solving problems. He’s probably the best PM that I have ever met and I’ve been doing this for a long long time.

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