Fred A. Smith Company

Fred A. Smith Company currently manages over 2000 properties in the Washington Metropolitan area, 98% of which are located in the District of Columbia. These units are in every configuration from single-family dwellings to large multi-unit/multi-building complexes. Their clients are mostly long-term investors who by and large have been with the Fred A. Smith Company for many years. They are a full service management company; their services include, but are not limited to rent collection, pursuit of tenants for non-payment of rent, all accounts payable functions and oversight and maintenance of the physical aspects of each property.

Fred A. Smith Company

730 24th St. N.W.

Washington, DC, 20037

(202) 337-5080

1 thought on “Fred A. Smith Company”

  1. Elaina Norden says:

    I have called 4 months ago when you put the iron grille in my window you’d given the doorman Bot number to workmen not mine we fixed it as my home 202-265-1921 and cell 202-288-3569. Now the painter was given a VA number that is forwarded to a ph that is turned off and I don’t get mail in VA I have a tenant in VA as I have lived inDC a long time. I called yesterday and told you to fix it on my record to give to electrician. He was given my VA number and I had called again today to Fred smith and again I asked that the number be changed to my correct number. it’s illegal for anyone to call in and change my numbers and address. Yet even so the electrician had a VA non working number and had to come to the apt. I ask that you keep my numbers as 202-265-1921 and 202-288-3569 and my address as 2219 California st NW Apt 31 Washington DC 20008. I ask that you make a note to call my cell202-288-3569 if anyone calls saying they are me or in staff tries to change my address again. Thank you Elaina Norden for Chis Wallace and maintenance.

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