Funky and Functional: Modern Bathroom Updates that are as Stylish as they are Practical

When it comes to living spaces, the bathroom is often overlooked. This functional room doesn’t have to be ignored. With some modern updates, you can make some changes that are funky, but practical as well. It’s time to jazz up the bathroom and give people something to talk about.

funky and functional

Two Sinks are Better than One

A long counter space with two sinks can change your life. If you and your spouse are fighting for bathroom time in the morning, trying to wash up and put yourselves together, you’ll love having a sink to yourself. Choose a countertop that really makes the room pop and decorate the room accordingly.

Enjoy the Wonder of the Oversized Tub

Giant tubs are in. If you have a bathroom that can house a large tub, consider bringing one in. You can have the luxury of the spa at home, creating a space in your home where you can make the rest of the world and all of your problems disappear for a little while. Turn on soft music, fill your tub with bubbles, and break out the wine. You’ve got paradise.

Bring in the Walk-In Shower

Separate your tub and shower area by including a walk-in shower. It will utilize your space and make it more convenient when you are on the go. When you don’t want to step over that tub or someone else wants to linger for a long, hot soak, your walk-in shower will make your life easier. You don’t need a lot of space. With the help of a skilled contractor or custom home builder in Nanaimo, you’ll be singing in the shower in no time.

Create Bathroom Storage

When you are tired of going down the hall for more towels or toiletries, it is time to add storage space to your bathroom. You have options, from adding a small closet to putting up shelving or adding a small armoire to the room. Make the most of the space you have and create solutions.

Think Tile

Add tile to your shower stall or around your tub to add an eye-catching feature that can give your bathroom a little pizazz. Go with an interesting pattern or design that is unforgettable. Your bathroom will be dressed for success.


With a little savvy and imagination, your bathroom can really pop. Address cosmetics, with new paint and window dressings, to take this living space to a new level.

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