How to Get Your Newly Built House Prepared for All Four Seasons

Your new home likely has been designed and built precisely to your specifications. You may have plans to remain in the home for many long years or even indefinitely, so you understandably want the home to remain well-maintained. Each season can bring its own damaging forces that can severely impact your home. There are multiple steps that you can take to prepare your home for weather conditions throughout the year.

Service the HVAC System Annually

There may be a few beautiful days each year when you turn off the HVAC system and open the windows. The remaining days may be too warm, chilly, humid or otherwise miserable to live comfortably in the home without running the HVAC system regularly. Because this system is used heavily and regularly, it will require regular maintenance through a company like Universal Refrigeration to keep it performing well. Typically, heating system service is scheduled in early fall, and air conditioning service is scheduled in early spring.

Schedule a Regular Roof Inspection

Your new home’s roof may be in great condition when you move in, but the roof is inflicted with brutal forces almost daily. This includes damaging UV rays, intense heat or cold, heavy rains, strong winds and more. While a roof is designed to last for several decades, severe weather conditions will take a toll. A regular roof inspection will help you to better care for your roof over the years.

Clean the Gutters Seasonally

The gutters may seem like a fairly unimportant feature on a new home, but they serve several valuable purposes. For example, they manage the flow of water off of the roof to protect it from unnecessary damage. They also channel water away from the foundation of the home to prevent erosion, and they can prevent wood rot and other types of damage on the siding. To ensure that your gutters are fully-functional, clean them out regularly. Any damaged areas should also be repaired promptly.

Pay Attention to the Yard

Many homeowners view the yard as a cosmetic feature that is most important to curb appeal. While it does play a huge role in curb appeal, it also can affect the flow of water and potential erosion around the foundation. Trees and other vegetation too close to the home or the roof may also cause severe damage to the roof and siding. In some cases, strong winds may even cause the tree limbs to break windows. Your yard should be well-maintained throughout the year. Trees should be trimmed back away from the home, and you should be aware of drainage concerns that may be present when it rains.

Taking care of your new home is a year-round task. These are some of the more important tasks that require your attention, but you should also look for other maintenance projects that can improve property condition over the years.

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