Get Rid of Those Pesky Tree Roots In Your Yard

Although backyard trees make the environment healthier, contribute a home for wildlife and offer a pleasant amount of shade, their roots can grow in numerous directions and become hazardous to enjoying your yard. Large roots that protrude from the ground are stumbling blocks when walking around a yard and roots can also undermine patio bricks in addition to invading gardens. There are different ways to handle the removal of those pesky tree roots in your yard. The method you choose depends upon whether the tree is still living. Whether you want to do it yourself or call Tree Removal in San Jose or one your local area. If you’re going to do it yourself, pay attention to the tips below.

Stay Away From Chemicals

If your tree is still living and you want to keep it in healthy condition, avoid using any type of chemicals or poisons designed to kill the root system because doing so will inadvertently kill the living tree as well. For dealing with unchecked root growth of a healthy living tree, selective root pruning is possible if you are both patient and careful. Get a handsaw or a small chainsaw out of your tool shed and cut around the root that is growing in an undesirable direction. Now you must install a heavy plastic root barrier obtained from your home and garden improvement store that is placed near the end of the root stump so it will not continue to grow. It’s a good rule of thumb not to remove more than 20% of a living tree’s root growth per summer.

Use Root Poison

If your intention is to kill both the tree and the offending roots, ask your garden supply store for a root killing poison that contains potassium nitrate. Drill holes into the exposed tree roots and put in the solution to help hasten the decay of the roots which can then more easily be ripped out of the ground. Salt peter and water is an effective root killer. To encourage root decay naturally, you can also cover exposed tree roots with compost or other moist yard waste which will quickly encourage them to decompose for easier removal. Check the condition of the dead tree roots periodically and when you find that they are in the proper state of decay, they will be much easier to pull out of the ground and dispose of.

Heavy Duty Equipment

The use of heavy duty equipment such as a backhoe may be required if you want to remove roots from larger trees and the root system has become pretty entrenched into the ground. When doing any sort of tree root removal work, make sure you wear proper protective clothing and avoid having pets or children anywhere near your work area.


Tree Roots Can be Hazardous

Whatever method you choose to use, over aggressive tree roots can ruin your plumbing, septic system, sidewalks etc.. It’s a good idea to get rid of them before its too late!

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