Getting into the Business: Real Advice for Realtors

Getting into the Business Real Advice for RealtorsOnce you have taken all of the coursework, passed your real estate exam, and become licensed, you may wonder what the next step is. There are many opportunities in the business of real estate to make a very nice living, and if you approach it right, you will have more opportunities than the average Realtor. Although you have already received enough education to become licensed, there is likely a lot you still need to learn in order to be successful in the business. To further your eduction, you should begin your career by becoming an apprentice to an experienced broker.


Bringing in a Broker

All real estate offices must have a broker, and some brokers are willing to train new agents more than others. If you haven’t done so yet, you will want to meet with several local brokers and find out whether or not they are looking for new agents, and what they do to help new agents develop a clientele and gain experience. You will also want to find a broker that takes a fair cut from your commission. Some brokers take a big chunk, and that can hurt your income early on.


Get More Credentials

If you want to make a lot of money in the business of real estate, you will want to work on becoming licensed as a broker. How long it takes to become a broker depends on which state you live in, but most states require at least a few years of experience as an agent before a broker license can be procured.


Find a Niche

As an agent and eventually as a broker, you will also want to develop a niche or area of expertise to focus on. Some agents like to sell everything they can, but gaining a lot of experience in one area of real estate helps agents learn how to become successful and a master in one area of the field. Most agents will either focus on selling home, commercial properties, or land.


According to, as you become experienced as an agent, and later as a broker, you can start your own real estate brokerage. Then you will have agents beneath you, and they will have to give you a cut of their commission. Putting in the time to reach your goals in real estate and develop an area of expertise will be worth it for your future in the field of real estate. Once you are established with enough clients to have a solid reputation, you will see many big opportunities to make a lot of money.

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