Getting Your Ducks in a Row: Five Tasks to Complete Before Putting your House on the Market

When selling a house, a seller should try to get the most for his or her property. This is hard to do, especially when in a competitive and crowded real estate market. Now, one should not give up and accept low offers. Instead, a homeowner should opt to clean up his or her place a bit. With this in mind, here are five tasks to complete before putting a house on the market.


Often, over time, weather and general use will begin to erode your driveway no matter what it is made of. To fix this annoying and costly problem, one should consult with a professional who can let you know what kind of cost and pavement you’ll be looking at. Paving services by CR Macdonald is a great example of a company that would be great to consult when looking into paving services for your home. This is a big project to undertake, so make sure you consult several different professionals before deciding on what company to go with. One of the first things a potential buyer sees is the driveway as they’re pulling up to a home. Make sure its a good one.


With a fresh coat of paint, one can bring the new look back to a house. Luckily, it is not expensive to do this, and a smart and savvy homeowner can paint his or her home without hiring a professional. In fact, any smart seller must do this as it is one of the biggest things that will catch the eye of a potential investor.

Sold Home For Sale Sign in front of Beautiful New Home.

Clean the yard:

With a nice looking a yard, a homeowner can impress a visitor. Think about it, most people, when buying a home, want to enjoy their new yard. For this reason, one should clean up any dead plants, pull weeds and add some nice and fresh flowers. With this step, a homeowner can enjoy more interest in his or her house.

Deep cleaning:

Some people, in a haste to get the home ready, forget to clean it thoroughly. This is a mistake, and one can easily avoid this by hiring a cleaner. When doing so, a property owner can remove any carpet stains and get the rooms looking fresh and new. Since this is an inexpensive investment, one should seriously consider hiring a maid to clean the place thoroughly.

Clean up porch and patio:

When selling a home during the nice seasons, one should spruce up their patio and porch. Since most will love to sit outside during the nice days, it is wise to show this off.

With these five tips, one can clean up their place and get buyers interested in the house. Remember, competition is stiff, and it is wise to show off the house at its finest.

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