Going Keyless: The Interesting Benefits of Having a “Keyless” Home

As technology advances, the world is becoming less dependent on keys to enter homes and other locked places. Modern hotels now commonly provide swipe cards rather than keys to guests. Most people, however, still rely on keys to lock and enter their homes. This is quickly changing as innovative technologies make it convenient to live without keys. There are several benefits to having a high tech, keyless home.

Going Keyless - The Interesting Benefits of Having a Keyless Home


One of the main advantages to going keyless is that you no longer have to carry around keys. This also means not having to worry about losing or misplacing your keys. You also won’t lock yourself out by shutting the door with your keys inside. Unlike hotels that use smart cards, keyless homes generally rely on keypads so that you can enter the home without keys as long as you know the passcode.


Keys can often pose a security risk. If you lose your keys, someone can use them to gain access to your home. Burglars and other intruders can also make copies of your keys. People commonly leave spare keys outside their homes in case they forget their keys, which leaves the home extremely vulnerable to burglars, who know the common places to look.

It’s Easy to Change the Security Code

When you use locks that require keys, you have to change your locks if you want to deny access to certain people or if you lose your keys. If your home uses locks operated by a security code, you only have to change the combination without having to change locks. This allows you to do things like set temporary pass codes or change the pass code if you are worried about someone having it. The Aurora locksmiths at Affordable Lock Services suggest that you change your pass code periodically and regularly in order to increase the security of the home.

Many Types of Keyless Locks

If you want to make your home keyless, you have several options. While most private homes use keypads, the choices for keyless homes is expanding. Each type of keyless lock has its advantages. This allows you to choose the option that’s most suitable for you. The following are the most common types:

  • Numerical Keypad: Many people already use these for their security systems.
  • Biometrics: Often used by corporations, these use fingerprints, retinal scanning or voice identification.
  • RFID Tags: For these, people need to carry or wear a radio frequency identification tag which is read by the system.

Keyless entry is now very common for hotels, workplaces and cars. It seems likely that the same will soon be true for homes. Using alternative technologies can make your home more secure and remove the hassle of having to carry around keys, so as you make improvements around the home, you might consider going keyless.

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