Great Tips to get your Home Ready for Winter

Winter is on the horizon and preparing your home for winter now will ensure that it’s in far better shape when the spring time comes. There are a number of things to keep an eye on and get ready around the house for the colder and more blustery evenings and the increased chances of damage. So, let’s take a look at some of the ways to prepare.

Chimney Sweep

If you use an open fire during the winter months then getting the chimney cleaned is a must. Burning fossil fuels in this manner often means that you will see a build-up of different materials in the chimney left over from heating your home. This can cause problems with the draft and pull in the chimney and in some cases block it right up. A chimney sweep will prevent this issue and ensure your chimney is ready to go for winter.

Roofs and Tiles

The roof is most likely set for a battering when the rain, hail and winds begin to howl, so make sure that it’s in top condition. Keep an eye out for issues regarding lose tiles or felt and problems with the chimney’s exterior. These things can all cause problems when the wind blows and it’s not unknown for leaks, broken tiles and a range of other issues to occur. Doing a quick roof check now will prevent these problems.


We would advise you at Best at Hire to begin making your windows air tight now. This limits the amount of cold air coming into the home and warm air leaking out of the home. If you have problems of this sort then it’s often best to consider placing weather stripping around the sash to prevent leakage. Draft excluders and anything that prevents these problems should also be considered. Covering up these holes will save on expenses and also reduce heating use.


Cleaning guttering is a must, especially after the autumn as a large proportion of leaves and dirt falls into spouts and guttering. Blocked guttering causes significant problems when it rains as there’s debris where the water should be. This can cause leaks and roof damage. In addition, plants and weeds will grow in the guttering in the spring time, compacting soil and making the issue harder to rectify in the future.

Boiler Inspection

A boiler inspection is also a good idea before the winter comes. Boilers can have a number of problems when not in use, from blocked filters to issues with debris and bearings. Getting a professional to come around and take a look can not only ensure that your boiler is working, but also that it’s running efficiently – something that can save you on bill prices.


Protecting pipes from freezing is a necessity if you live in a colder clime. Foam insulation can be a good option here and significantly prevents problems with cold pipes and freezing of piping. It’s easy to install and prevents bursting – a very costly and damaging problem if it occurs.


Depending on how prepared you are to do a little bit of more hands-on DIY, adding attic insulation can be a great way to prepare for winter and lower heating costs. Insulation reduces heat leakage, cold air coming through the roof into the house and also prevents problems with damp, mold and mildew.

These tips should help ensure you get your house in the best possible shape for the winter time and also save on heating along the way.

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