Great Ways to Push up your Home’s Value

Selling your house? Well, you’ll be hoping to get the most money for your property possible and we’ve got some great tips to help. So, let’s take a look at ten great ways to push up the price of your home.

Paint and Paint and Paint

One of the most cost effective ways to get more for your property is to pain. It’s a great way to create a quick, clean and updates home. Ideally, use neutrals as this will suit the greatest number of people and is completely inoffensive. Dark purple is a very different kettle of fish.

Energy Costs

There are numerous government funded schemes in place to increase the energy costs to properties and many utility companies will provide you with an audit to this effect. From new insulation to better windows – there’s a whole host of great ways you can increase your energy efficiency for free. This can be a notable benefit and something that can drive up the market value of your home.


Getting a professional person to take a once over on your home and check for things such as termite inspections, roof problems or problems with the electrics can save you a lot of hassle. When the buyer comes to do their home buyer’s survey you could end up in notable trouble otherwise and they can use such issues as a bargaining tool to cut the price offered. If you’re looking for ways or options to help sell your house quick then find out what’s broken and fix it beforehand to prevent any such problems.

Curb Appeal

Increasing curb appeal is as simple as adding some trees, cutting the lawn and giving the fence a coat of paint. It’s extremely important that your home is presented in as attractive fashion as possible as this will allow you to create the perfect first impression. People buy with their eyes and as with anything in life; the first impression is hard to change. So, make a good one.


Removing the clutter from the home before you have viewers will greatly increase the chance of the house being sold and people taking an interest in it. Removing personal belongings such as photos and other personal stuff allows the potential buyer to imagine themselves there and secondly makes it a tidier home.


Allow light into the room when you have viewers. Opening blinds completely, removing obstacles from windows and ensuring the room is sunny will increase the apparent square footage of the room. This can improve perceptions and increase the chance of purchase as well as the home’s value.


The bathroom is one of those places that people tend to remember. Unlike bedrooms which can look quite a like, a bathroom makes an impression. Give it a quick update with a coat of paint or new wallpaper and make the most of it – it could sell your home. As people there’s a far greater chance we buy any house that makes a great first impression or has a notable standout feature.


However, if you do have money to burn then the kitchen is the place to spend it. Kitchens are the most important area of the home as people spend so much time in them. They’re the place for cooking, eating, relaxing and enjoying life for so many people. A new kitchen or even minor updates to improve the kitchen can go a long way.

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