Have Rodent Problems? 5 Ways to Protect Your Personal Items from Rodents

Have Rodent Problems 5 Ways to Protect Your Personal Items from Rodents

Seeking Food and Shelter

Rodents such as mice and rats live in most areas, including large cities and small towns. Rats and mice seek food and shelter in buildings because humans are encroaching on the vermin’s habitat. Rodents have adapted to eating a wide variety of substances for survival, leading people to needing to find ways to protect their personal items from damage.

One: Outdoor Areas

Rats and mice are meant to live outside in fields and yards, instead of inside homes. Keeping outside areas around a home clean is imperative to prevent attracting vermin to live nearby. Avoid allowing junk such as old automobiles, furniture and appliances to collect in a yard or outbuildings to prevent giving vermin a place to live and find food.

Two: Containerize Food

Homeowners must make it difficult for rodents to smell or eat food by containerizing everything in metal or glass canisters or jars. Most vermin have an easy time chewing through plastic or paper food packages to get nourishment. Get in the habit of repackaging food immediately after buying it at the grocery store.

Three: Mini Storage Unit

An excellent way to protect personal items from the dangers of rodents is investing in a A-1 mini storage unit. You can choose to rent a space or buy a building. Every neighborhood has rental facilities that are available in different sizes with features such as climate control. It is also possible to purchase a mini storage unit to place in a backyard or patio area.

Four: Prevent Entry

A rodent can squeeze in through a tiny crevice or hole near a building’s foundation or water pipes. Homeowners can prevent mice and rats from entering a building by caulking open spaces with materials bought at hardware stores.

Five: Housecleaning

Keeping a home spotless is one of the best ways to protect your personal items from damage by rodents. Many rodents are tiny creatures that will sneak inside a building late at night to crawl along baseboards to look for food sources. Having a clutter free home makes it difficult for the animals to hide.

Eliminating Mice and Rats

There are easy ways to get rid of rodents such as setting old-fashioned mousetraps or modern humane traps. These items are available at brick-and-mortar or online stores. Inspecting a home, yard and outbuildings for rodents occasionally is a good way to eliminate the animals before more breed in nests hidden in a building’s walls.

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