Hawaiiana Management Company, Ltd.

In business since 1964, Hawaiiana is the largest residential property management company in Hawaii, responsible for over 600 properties representing over 95,000 units, and is ranked among the top property management companies in the nation. In addition, Hawaiiana is proud of its unprecedented client retention rate of 98%.

Hawaiiana Management Company, Ltd.

711 Kapiolani Blvd. Pacific Park Plaza, Ste 700

Honolulu, HI, 96813

(808) 593-9100


6 thoughts on “Hawaiiana Management Company, Ltd.”

  1. Perry Lara says:

    Complaint… The Lake Shore Towers 2920 Ala Ilima Street in the Salt Lake area. Regarding bulk pickup 1st Monday of each month…seems like all tenants for this complex do not know where their bulk pickup is located. They continuously store their bulky items on our property which is 2950 Ala Ilima Street I’ve complained to their resident manager Art Williams but still bulky items continue to be stored on our property. As you know the City/County can levy fines to properties with bulk items stored other then 24 hours before pickup. Please get with your resident manager and post notice to your tenants not to put their bulky items on our property! Please confirm with me when you receive this mail.
    Thanks, Perry

  2. The property used to be a beautiful pl, recently they have cut back the trees to where there are no leaves!! The only thing standing is the brown stalk, ALL LEAVES were sawed off!! Being that we live between the freeway & Noelani St, having no leaves cannot turn all the carbon dioxide into 02 for the property! It’s been so hot, there is no shade anywhere on this property! The beautiful flowers that line the street hv been cut back so much, it’s killed the hibiscus plant!! By the fence line, the beautiful Bouganvillia flowers were all chain sawed off to make it look like a hedge!! It is a bush, why would anyone want to cut off all the flowers to make a bush into a straight hedge?? Because they keep cutting it back to make it straight the plants are now going into shock & slowly dying!! I refuse to stand by & watch this once beautiful property turn into a place where there is no trees, no flowers, it looks awful!!

  3. Naina Tejwaney Ogden says:

    Aloha Colleen,

    We’re very sorry that you’re unhappy with the landscaping going on at your property. Please know that Hawaiiana does not dictate decisions on your property’s maintenance or care, but they are made by the Board of Directors of your property, and carried out either by property employees or a vendor hired by the board. When a situation like this arises, we strongly suggest you discuss with your board to provide your input. If you’re not sure how to get ahold of the board and would like some assistance, please visit our customer service website to provide your property name and contact information so we can get back to you with the information you need: customerservice@hmcmgt.com.

  4. Glenn Honda says:

    Makiki Bel Aire
    I left a message for you to call me today but as of yet I haven’t received a response. 7/23/2015 – 7:24pm.
    I am the Realtor for the owners (Kimura) of unit 401 and presently in process of renovating it. dates are:
    Please be advise to contact me as soon as possible so the elevator sides could be temporarily lined with protection drapes. Mahalo..Glenn Honda, Realtor, BIC IslandSites Inc.

  5. jay vinton says:

    Only a mild complaint about Alakea Tower management. The parking structure has many corner spaces, those spaces also have fan units in the adjacent wall. Without notice, maintenance will block your paid for space for fan maintenance, forcing you to park in visitor parking.

    Yesterday, Thursday, April 21, 2016, My space along with all other corner spaces were blocked all at once for fan maintenance. All parkers parked in visitor parking. Upon leaving for the evening, all of those parkers including me had a nasty sticker plastered on their windshields about no parking, getting towed, getting booted, etc. Security and maintenance never once interacted to inform the other of activities. Can they not do a floor at a time so as to limit the amount of people displaced to visitor parking? This would go a long way toward common sense.

  6. Connie says:

    Hawaii passed a bill effective 7/1/18 which states fines, penalties, legal fees CANNOT be deducted from owners regular assessment payments. Hawaiiana Management is still deducting and then causing your regular assessment to be late. AND they “hold” your payment if you mail it and charge you late fees saying it came in late (but you mail it in plenty of time), holding you hostage to use SURREPAY. Send your payment by registered mail and make them sign when they receive it.

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