Here’s Why Hiring an Airbnb Property Manager is Worth Every Penny

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Maximize your return by investing in your investment.

Whether you’re new to Airbnb or an owner of multiple short-term rental properties, hiring an Airbnb property manager, otherwise known as an Airbnb property management service, ensures success for your long-term investment.

With a full budget of needs for a short-term rental, owners may be hesitant to spend more money by engaging a property management service. However, with their ability to enhance a rental space through marketing, price optimization, and managing guest satisfaction, this valuable service more than pays for itself.

Property management services have the tools, techniques, and above all, the time to bring your space to its greatest potential. Their team of professionals, especially in crowded markets like New York, can help you reclaim your schedule and keep you stress-free. Here are some of the biggest payoffs of utilizing an Airbnb property management service:


Running an Airbnb can be an immersive process until you start encountering the less-than-enjoyable aspects that quickly dominate your schedule. Between maintaining guest communication, inspecting and cleaning each property, and getting your rental noticed online, managing your own property can potentially take up more time than initially considered. If you have more than one Airbnb or rental unit, that lack of free time could be ten-fold.

Professional Airbnb property management services utilize teams of experts to take the nitty-gritty off your shoulders and out of your schedule. These managers take on guest communication, scheduling, cleaning, responding to emergencies, and even maintaining your property, so you don’t have to. 

If time is money, then that’s money back in your pocket.


Like the concept of Airbnb itself, an Airbnb management service is only successful when the property is successful. They’ll ensure your space is being marketed and optimized to its utmost potential. It’s like giving your property’s web presence a complete makeover.

Professional photos alone double a property’s visibility and support its price. With marketing professionals at the ready to boost your web presence, these experts can optimize your property’s profile while keeping in mind the ever-changing structure of Airbnb’s search-listing algorithms. They’ll work to make adjustments when needed and help your rental stand out from the rest.

Price Optimization

One of the best reasons to engage a property management service is their ability to maximize your earning potential. A professional service will use smarter pricing management tools to help you reach those untapped earnings by using pricing algorithms and research.

Seasonality also plays into Airbnb pricing. Big time. But property management services like breezybnb, TurnKey, and Vacasa will not only price accordingly to major holidays, but research local events and the best months and days of the week to increase or decrease pricing. Property management services want you to maximize your returns and have a fully booked calendar.

With algorithms, research, and seasonal observance, a management service will be able to predict how your property will do throughout the year.

Guest Experience

Don’t let your property be less than it could be by stretching yourself thin for guest satisfaction. Let the highly-trained customer service-oriented experts of a management service do that for you.  You can expect a professionally cleaned space, replenished amenities, and confidence knowing your guests have everything they need.

Positive reviews and good ratings make up the lifeblood of your property’s success. When guests have a relaxed and pleasant stay, they’re going to talk about it. From there, it’s simple: better ratings boost listings. The best way to get those ratings is with a quality stay handled by a professional and thoroughly engaged response service.


Perhaps the greatest of all reasons to hire a property management service is the stress-free nature of knowing your property and guests are in the hands of professionals. Running an Airbnb is a unique and engaging experience, but you don’t think about that when you‘re struggling to stay on top of every little bit of management.

A professional service is your on-the-ground response team to everything short-term rental. No need to continually check your phone and computer for guest messages or booking inquiries. No more running to your property because you forgot to restock toilet paper. More importantly, no need for scheduling your vacation around a guest’s vacation.

Don’t stress. Be kind to yourself and put it on someone else.

Airbnb property management service Evolve puts it perfectly: “Renting out your second home, shouldn’t be your second job.”

If you’re thinking about using an Airbnb property management service, consider your property’s long-term goals. The management fee can range from 10% – 40% depending on the company, but the value of what you get in return more than exceeds the cost.

Renting out your property is a lengthy process, but services like these can make it easier to host and bring in money you don’t have to think about.

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