Here’s Why I Use Vacasa to Manage My Lake House Rental Property

rental house at the lake

Are you tired of managing your vacation rental property? Or maybe you are considering purchasing a vacation rental property to bring in additional income but don’t want to manage it yourself? Either way, using a property management service be well worth the commission fees. This is what I discovered with my lake house rental. I chose Vacasa to manage it and have been happy with my decision ever since. With Vacasa’s prowess in all things tech, it gives the company a clear advantage when it comes to keeping the property filled. Here are some of the reasons why I chose Vacasa to manage my lake house rental property.

Better Listings

The team at Vacasa helps make sure you have the perfect listing. This includes optimizing it for search engines but also making it appealing to real people. This means that each listing comes with a 3D virtual tour as well as high-quality HD photography. This helps the company maintain a certain level of standards among the properties it manages. This also helps guests know exactly what they are getting into, resulting in a better experience and review.

List on All Major Channels

Listing on Vacasa does not lock you into its platform. Instead, through the use of technology, Vacasa can also list your property on all major channels. Properties managed by the company appear on the Vacasa website as well as Airbnb, Booking, Expedia, HomeAway, Google, TripAdvisor, and VRBO. This helps maximize the likelihood of your property renting regularly.

Experts at Digital Marketing

The team at Vacasa uses their technology expertise to market your listing in the most effective way possible. The team will optimize your listing with search engine marketing and will market your property across platforms. In fact, Vacasa has recently teamed up with Google to appear in search results directly. This means properties listed through Vacasa will show up when a Google user searches for accommodations in a region.

Dynamic Pricing Tool

When you list your vacation rental property on Vacasa you get access to their proprietary dynamic pricing technology. This system adjusts your rental pricing based on several different market conditions to maximize your property’s revenues. It does this by monitoring rates throughout the day and adjusting them accordingly based on demand and market conditions. This helps you bring in more per night, but it also helps you maintain a higher occupancy rate.

Reservation Support

While you’ve chosen to rent out your vacation property, you want the guests that stay in your home to be respectful of your property. This is where screening and vetting guests comes into play. If you manage your own vacation rental property, you have to screen guests on your own. However, with Vacasa they use technology to flag bookings with specific risk factors. Customer service representatives follow-up with and screen the guest to make sure they are a good fit for your home. Additionally, Vacasa’s partnership with Assurant means your property has $1 million in liability coverage and damage protection. The best part is you only have to pay for the nights a guest rents your property.

Full-Service Management

By listing your vacation rental on Vacasa, you get a full-service management solution. This means you don’t have to do anything except receive a check each month. The team at Vacasa works with local housekeepers and managers to make sure your property is well maintained. In addition to managing the property, Vacasa also assists with marketing your property to maximize your occupancy rate.

Seamless Guest Experience

Keeping guests happy is the most important aspect of running a vacation rental. Your guest’s experience starts from the time they find your listing to the time they leave. This means quickly responding to any inquiries, providing directions, and responding to any requests or issues.

Housekeeping is a major component of the guest experience. No one wants to stay in a dirty home. Vacasa only works with the best of the best local housekeepers. All housekeepers are thoroughly trained and their work is regularly inspected to make sure it meets minimum standards.

Round-the-Clock Support

Vacasa maintains local teams in each of the markets where they manage vacation properties. Part of providing a seamless guest experience is to provide round-the-clock support when guests are on the property. This means they have local managers (including a backup) on hand 24-7 to address all guest concerns. They even have a special team of housekeepers and maintenance professionals should an issue creep up.

Consider What You’re Getting

While Vacasa may charge higher rates and fees than other local property managers, it’s important to consider what you are getting. With Vacasa you are getting a dedicated team that wants your property to succeed. The team makes sure your property lives up to a certain standard that continues to bring in high-paying guests. Plus the team also does the legwork of marketing your property and keeping your property booked. All of this is done without you needing to put in any effort. The Vacasa team takes care of everything for you. Certainly, you could manage your vacation rental property yourself, but you’ll need at least 8 to 10 hours a week to do a decent job; or you could keep it simple and have the team at Vacasa do everything for you. If you’re looking for passive income, listing your property on Vacasa is well worth it.

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