Hoarding: 5 Tricks to Eliminate This Growing Problem

HoardingHoarding has received a lot of mainstream attention lately due to popular television shows documenting its effects on individuals and families. Many people suffering from this problem suffer in silence, unable to reach out for help due to embarrassment or lack of support. If you feel that you could be suffering from hoarding tendencies or on the verge of becoming a hoarder, following these tips could help to curb the problem before it gets completely out of control.


1. Resist the urge to buy unnecessary items

For many people trapped in a hoarding mentality, hoarding begins when an item is initially purchased. When purchasing an item, ask yourself if the item will be used in the next few days. If not, then put it back and return only if you will need to use it. If you never make it back for the item, it would have most likely been unnecessary.


2. Find an accountability partner and pace yourself

It can be immensely overwhelming to try tackling a hoarding problem one fell swoop. Try not to become discouraged if you are unable to completely clean and organize a space in a short period of time. Keep in mind that it took a fair period of time for things to become so disorganized, so it is reasonable to expect it to take a period of time to become organized and orderly. Pace yourself by setting up daily goals, and have someone who you feel comfortable with to become your accountability partner.


3. Use it or lose it

For items that are especially difficult to get rid of, try setting them aside in a special space. Monitor yourself to see if you actually go to the reserved space to find that item for use. If you do not use the item for long periods of time, it may be time to get rid of that particular item.


4. One and done

If you are an avid collector of some item, there is no need to scrap the entire collection or to stop collecting altogether. When scoping out new items for a collection, utilize the one and done method of only picking one item per month or bimonthly to add to a collection. Confine your collection to a reserved space. Find ways to creatively display it. For items that are necessary but seldom used, you might consider getting help to store them in an orderly fashion in a storage unit, like Baltimore MD storage.


5. Give to those who will appreciate it

A major problem for people who struggle with getting rid of items is the idea that if they are donated, that they would not be appreciated or would go to waste. If this is an issue for you, consider sourcing your own individuals to give items to them directly. It may help to know where the items are going and that they will not be put to waste.

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