Home Changes with the Biggest Resell Return

Investing into some home improvement isn’t just about making your house more comfortable for you and your family. It’s also about improving your home’s resale value. Renovating your home means you can get much more money for it when you decide to sell it. There are plenty of thoughts on which home changes will pay off the most, but here are a few that you should definitely consider.

Kitchen Renovations

A few minor renovations can return nearly 100 percent, but you don’t have to splurge on the eight-burner stove or the built-in refrigerator. Instead, focuses on one of the best resell return options: resurfacing. This is a simple renovation process that makes your kitchen look incredible. Repaint your cabinets and add new handles. Contact Dianella Polishing renovations to help spice up your counters or just do a simple laminate. Go a step further and get a new faucet and new, sparkling sink.

Bathroom Renovations

A new bathroom look is a hugely profitable investment if you know what to get. Go for a roomy walk-in shower instead of a whirlpool tub. Tubs take up a lot of space and rarely get used by most people. If you only have one bathroom, however, there is a better way to improve your house’s value than by renovating it: Add on another bathroom. This can increase your home’s sale price by more than 8 percent. People will pay more for two bathrooms than they will for one very nice bathroom, so choose your renovations wisely.

Fixing the Roof

If your roof is old and on its way out, it’s going to be worth it to just bite the bullet and get it fixed. Few things are as unattractive to a potential buyer as the knowledge that the roof will need to be replaced within a few years. Get that major repair out of the way, and you’ll be able to increase your price considerably.

Curb Appeal

The first impression you make is the exterior of the house, so you need that to be impressive. The exterior often gets neglected to focus on the house’s interior, so now is a perfect time to paint the front door, fix broken fences, plant flowers, replace doorknobs, and patch cracks in the sidewalk.

There are other renovations you could do to improve your home’s value, but these four are the ones that have the best resell return. Take care of maintenance issues, update the plumbing, and make sure there’s plenty of space, and you’ll be surprised how quickly you can sell that home.

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