Home Hunting: What Pest Damages You Should Look for Before Signing The Dotted Line

Finding the perfect home takes time and diligence and many hours of searching. Before signing on the dotted line at closing, there are some must-have inspections of the structure and property that should take place. Knowing that your home is free and clear of critter damage will protect you in the long run. At first glance, you may not notice the destruction caused by pests and insects that can wreak havoc behind the walls and within the woodwork of a home. Hiring a professional pest inspector to look for damage can help determine if you are making the right financial choice. While any bug or pest infestation can be a nuisance, here are a few that are truly a threat to the structure of the home.pest


While you may not think that an innocent little mouse will hurt anything, think again. Mice harbor disease—in particular the Hantavirus. The Hantavirus is a deadly virus that is spread through direct contact of a rodent. Their feces, urine and dander can carry the disease which can easily spread and cause infection. The infection—HPS also called Hantavirus Pulmonary Syndrome can lead to a fatal respiratory disease with irreversible damage. A home infested with mouse droppings could be a sign of a mice infestation.


Rats are also damaging to a home’s overall structure. While rats are rarely seen—especially during the day, they can leave a path of total destruction within a home or property. They can eat away at electrical wiring, leaving the home at risk for fire or power loss. Rats and other rodents can also chew away at walls along with appliances and almost any other type of a home’s interior and exterior.


Looking for termite damage is very important when going through a home inspection. Termites can leave a huge path of self-destruction and cause significant structural damage to a home in a short period of time. Signs may be hard to notice but some indications may include:

•           Swollen floors

•           Buckling wood

•           Crumbling window and door frames

•           Visible mazes within walls

If there is a termite infestation present, it is important to have the homeowner eradicate the problem and complete all repairs before selling the property.


Ants may seem like an innocent insect and they can be found in almost every state in the continental U.S. Carpenter ants are one ant species that can lead to a home’s demise. They attack the hardwood structure of a home by using the wood to create strategic passageways to move through. They do not consume wood, but instead use it to create their roadways to destruction. Signs of infestation include the visible presence of the large, black ant and crumbling wood areas within the home.

Looking for pest destruction is an important task to tackle before closing the deal on a home. A qualified home pest inspector is the best choice for identifying the pest type and a establishing a solution for an infestation.

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