Home Improvement Projects You Don’t Really Need

When it comes to home improvement projects, there is a marked difference between buying a few kitchen appliances and undergoing extensive renovation. Not all of your grand ideas will look as good in practice as they do on paper yet any property owners get carried away with things and spend tens of thousands of dollars on projects that are wholly unnecessary. If you are considering a move within the next 5 years, there are some home improvement projects you simply must avoid and we outline some of these below.

In-Ground Swimming Pools
It may seem like a good idea at the time but you’re looking at a minimum investment of $30,000 to get this project moving. Believe it or not, you could actually be making the property harder to sell since families with small children will not want a house with a swimming pool for safety reasons. A pool requires lots of maintenance and up to $2,000 a year to operate.

Gourmet Kitchens
By all means, upgrade your home with the best kitchen appliances but avoid spending ludicrous sums of money on a fitted kitchen. Most buyers are turned off by an over customized home as changing it to suit their individual tastes could be a long and costly process. You should only consider a fancy kitchen if you live in an up-market neighborhood where such upgrades may be a requirement for a sale.

A sunroom may seem like a fantastic addition to your home but on average, you will only recoup 50-60% of your investment. Additionally, glass doesn’t prove insulation so energy costs will be increased throughout the year. About the only way that a sunroom will be a useful addition when selling a property is if you live in the South or near a beach and even then, a full return on investment is unlikely.

Wide Scale Landscaping
Carefully planned landscaping can certainly add a ‘wow’ factor to your property as it could give off an amazing first impression. Expensive landscaping should only be undertaken to improve your quality of life however because like sunrooms, a full return on the money spent is improbable. By simply keeping a neat, tidy and colorful lawn with small trees, you could potentially add value to the property. The key is to look for subtle yet classy changes as these make all the difference.

Replacement Roof
Interested parties already expect the roof to be in tip-top shape so spending $6,000+ on a new roof may not be the shrewdest of investments. On the flipside, waiting too long to repair or replace the roof could lead to damage occurring and few things turn prospective buyers off a property more than a roof in need of repair. Therefore, you should be looking to fix your roof and spruce it up rather than going all out with a new roof.

In most instances, simple home improvements add the most value and you can go to places like Ship It Appliances for low cost products that can easily be purchased online.

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