Home Improvement: The Best Practices to Maintain Your Yard and Driveway

Home Improvement The Best Practices to Maintain Your Yard and Driveway







Keeping your home well-maintained can promote excellent curb appeal, help you to keep your property value up and minimize the need for significant repair work over the years. While you could wait until your house is in poor condition before you start making improvements, the fact is that keeping on top of the chores with periodic improvements is a better idea. By following a few tips for yard and driveway maintenance, you can rest easy knowing that your home is being well- maintained.

Power Wash the Surfaces Periodically
The unfortunate reality is that it can be difficult or even impossible to spot some signs of damage that require your attention if your home’s exterior is dirty. One of the best ways to keep the exterior surfaces clean is to power wash them periodically. Power washing is effective at removing ground-in dirt, mold and mildew, stains and more from surfaces like concrete patios, driveways, walkways and other surfaces.

Remove Yard Waste and Debris
Just as you will not be able to spot signs of damage on paved or developed areas if they are dirty, you will also not be able to monitor the condition of your yard and flower beds if they are covered in waste and debris. Raking leaves periodically and removing other ground clutter will help your grass and vegetation to thrive, and it can help you to determine if your yard is developing fungal growth, if soil settlement or drainage are issues and if other similar issues are developing on our property.

Repair Cracks
While concrete is a highly durable material, it is also unfortunately prone to cracking over time. Everything from the weight of a vehicle on a concrete driveway to soil settlement under a patio can cause concrete to crack. You can work with a professional like those from companies like Superior Asphalt Paving Ltd. to patch these surfaces or to repave them. You may also consider installing pavers for a more decorative look.

Install and Maintain Gutters
Gutters may be located at the top of the home, but they have a major impact on your foundation, lawn and flower beds. They control the flow of water from snow melt, heavy rains and more. When not controlled, the flow of water can cause erosion around the foundation, driveway and other paved areas. It can also result in growth issues with your lawn and flower beds. If gutters are not already installed, make plans to install them today. Remember that they must also be kept clean and in great shape in order for them to work effectively.

Maintaining your home’s exterior is rarely easy to do. However, when you follow these tips, you can minimize the incidence of damage from a multitude of issues that can develop over time.

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