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Built by real estate investors, HomeLovers provides the full suite of services a serious real estate investor deserves. With decades of experience in investing and property management, the owners of HomeLovers have managed nearly 2000 single family homes, and dealt with every issue you can imagine.

They offer full-service property management featuring:

•    $0 cash at signup for occupied homes!
•    $75 flat monthly fee
•    6-month tenant guarantee! If, for any reason, a property we lease becomes vacant within 6 months, the next lease is free…no marketing fee, no leasing fee and no management fees until a new lease is signed! We show your homes personally, every time!
•    Online access to accounting 24/7 for you and your tenant, plus direct deposit for your distributions (twice a month). Dozens of accounting and property reports to choose from.
•    Extensive online marketing (over 50 paid and free sites) and newspaper ads for getting your property leased quickly
•    Thorough tenant screening and background checks, with the best possible lease terms
•    We collect rents, handle bookkeeping, perform periodic inspections, handle evictions (if necessary), and take care of maintenance
•    Free investor training and regular investment and landlord tips in our newsletters
•    Free portfolio evaluation and growth planning plus free assistance with locating and purchasing the best properties
•    Simple fees with NO hidden costs!

No Junk Fees!
A great property manager will make your life easier and save you money. If you hate being nickel and dimed to death by endless fees (never mentioned in the sale), come to HomeLovers and leave the “surprises” behind:
•    NO additional charge for internet ads
•    NO charge for signs or lockbox
•    NO charge for researching your questions (yes…we have even seen that one)
•    We DO NOT keep a portion of the tenant’s security deposit as a fee! Watch out, the other guys do!

Home Lovers will work with you to plan, build, and manage your business.

Home Lovers LLC
18205 N 51st Ave
Suite 121
Glendale, AZ 85308

16 thoughts on “Home Lovers”

  1. Joe says:

    Terrible service. Unorganized company with very little experience. I would never recommend this company to anybody for any type of real estate service.

  2. BBB says:

    Terrible service. Hidden fees. Take your words and twist them around to suit themselves. Impossible to get a hold of. Reps don’t answer emails or respond to voice mail.

  3. Matt R says:

    In my opinion,These people are scumbags.We rented a home from a neighbor,who had hired these people.He (neighbor) committed to a few things,but this company did not honor those committments and then tried to blame it on the owner.When we confronted the homeowner,he told us that he would call them,when he did call them,he was told by HOMEOWNERS-we have a contract-forget what your renters want.
    They act like schoolyard bullies-to both the owner and to us.I am amazed that these tactics are still acceptable to some people.

  4. Kim says:

    This company is horrible!! We didn’t even get to the point of using them as a rental company. We live across the country, were in town for 2 days, had an appointment and the agent called 5 minutes after the appointment to tell us she couldn’t be there. We called after that and still didn’t get a response. I would not use this company at all, since they are ineffecient and have no customer service skills at all. If they want to help people they should show up for appointments and call people back… We are very disappointed!

  5. Alison says:

    I can’t even begin to tell you the problems we have had with these people. Just do yourself a favor and rent elsewhere.

  6. Maryann says:

    Horrible, horrible company. They were rude to me and my tenant. I almost lost my tenant because of them. Everything that people say is true. The problems started the day I contacted them and never got better. Don’t give them any of your hard earned cash. They lie and twist everything in their favor. By the way, I was told by my attorney that their contracts lack a clear dispute resolution process as required by Arizona. Use that against them if you have to.

  7. sandra-K says:

    “HomeLovers has been an awesome help through my experience of becoming a renter. The office always replies very quick, and eased my mind during the approval process. Their efforts were very much appreciated!
    -Sandra K (tenant)”

  8. Donna says:

    In my opinion everything negative in the comments here are absolutely true.
    If you are a tenant you mean nothing to them. It is true that their fees are extremely unfair. If challenged, they most likely would not likely not prevail in court strictly on the fees that they charge. That is what they are counting on; not being challenged.
    I worked there for 12 days and was fired because I could not move fast enough for them. I was fired just before the holiday. Nice huh! Really; 12 days. They are very mean and uncaring people (specifically the owners). Like robots.

    You should take your business elsewhere. I am not just making this statement because I was fired. I really believe it. Proceed with caution. I am better off for not being connected to this horrible company. If you like everything impersonal and being slammed by technology; I guess this is for you.

  9. Maryann says:

    I fired them in August. I just found out that I now owe back taxes to the City of Peoria. The penalties are minimal, but I also just discovered they had given the City of Peoria the wrong social security number so I could not log on to the website to pay the back taxes. They are so sloppy.

    If you terminate services with them, be sure to stay on top of your sales tax to the city your property is located in.

  10. Kyler says:

    The worst experience I have every had with a management company, I am taking them to small claims court to fight for my deposit back, unfair fees, harassment and breach of contract.

  11. Tina says:

    Please let us know how you do in small claims court. We will also be taking them to small claims court as they have already violated thier contract with us (tenants). We moved from out of state and did a 1 yr rental with them so we could take our time and buy a house in the area/schools we wanted. What a huge mistake! I was a landlord of many properties and never treated my tenants this badly or ripped them off like this.

  12. Sandy says:

    We rented a house in Mesa and moved out end of April 2012 and still haven t received our deposit back. We waited at the house the last day for two hours for someone to come and check the house over. Finally, he came said everything was good. They have all kinds of excuses why they haven t sent our deposit to us. Once they even said the check was in the mail!!
    They people lie and and are not responsible. Don t ever rent a house that they are managing. They sound very helpful when they are trying to get you to rent but watch out after that.

  13. Rachelle says:

    This is the worst rental company. You will regret leasing a home from Homelovers. They will gauge you in fees at move in and move out whereever they can. Your deposit is something they are on a mission to not pay out it seems. It happened to us as well. Check out the Better Busniness Bureau on this company.

  14. al says:

    HomeLovers is simply the worst and most unethical Management Company I have ever used. Do your homework and you will see they have no BBB rating and no one seems to trust or respect this company. I had to get an attorney to get out of the “one-year” management contract I signed. This added another 1K to the headaches and frustration we went through using this company. Be smart and do your homework!!!

  15. Andrew says:

    This company does not care about its renters.
    Tried to charge us for repairs that needed to be made to the home that were there when we moved in. Homeowner would not authorize repairs to be made throughout the year we were there and they tried to charge us for them when we moved out. Hey will do everything they can to keep your deposit…. These people are a joke… Should be shut down..

  16. Chantel says:

    We were tenants with homelovers for 4 years and during that time I couldn’t get anything fixed without four or five phone calls and work orders. They constantly used the excuse ‘were waiting to hear back from the owner’ to get out of doing their jobs. Which I know for a fact by the way is lip service because I spoke with the owner personally about an unresolved maintenance issue and she said she had never received a single call from them. But THE most unethical thing thus far is the fact that we provided nearly $1200 in deposits. Upon move out they have give us no refund NOR a walk out checklist which by az law has to be provided within 14 days and now they are dodging my husbands and my phone calls. They are crooks, the most unethical piece of crap company I have ever had the displeasure of dealing with. I know my rights per the az landlord tenant act and I WILL be contacting legal council for a plethora of infractions they have made. I would encourage all you fellow reviewers to do the same. And if you’re a potential renter, prepare to deal with the epitome of the scummiest of all slum lords on this earth.

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