Home Owners Guide: Eight Fix It Tips To Try Before Calling A Professional

For homeowners who are used to having certain things fall apart on their property, it can be easy to resort to calling a professional for services that are often immediate. Although this may be an added convenience, it can mean spending more money in the long run. Instead, there are several fix it tips available to do yourself before it’s time to call for a helping hand.

Home Owners Guide- Eight Fix It Tips To Try Before Calling A Professional

1. AC Repair

In the summer months, it’s common for the AC to become overworked and for it to unexpectedly turn off. Instead of having a repair service visit, try to reset the breakers or even replace the filter. These are small fixes that can be done with little cost to yourself and can actually relieve a lot of added stress on the machine.


2. Leaky Faucets

For leaky faucets that can waste hundreds of gallons of water throughout the week, turn off the water to begin the repair process. If you have a traditional compression faucet, replace the seat washers after removing the handles, which should fix the problem.


3. Clogged Drains

A clogged drain is a quick fix with the right tools. Simply place a bucket underneath the sink and loosen the fittings on the P trap and remove it completely to have access to the clog.


4. Leaky Toilets

Leaky toilets are a common problem and can often be remedied by adjusting the arm float ball in the tank by tightening the screw. The professionals from Larkin Plumbing say this can actually help with the amount of water your toilet uses on a daily basis and can lower your monthly water bill.


5. Sticky Doors

Squeaky doors that stick are more of an annoyance than a problem, but can be repaired by using a rotary tool with a Dremel XPR attachment that shaves off the edge of the door. Use WD-40 or petroleum jelly to eliminate the noise of the squeak on the hinges.


6. Clogged Garbage Disposal

For clogged garbage disposals, it’s important to use tongs and a flashlight to locate the lodged particles and safety remove it. Make sure to keep your garbage disposal cleared out daily so there are no food particles down there to make the blades rust. This will keep them in sharp and working condition and considerable lower the chances of a future clog.


7. Stuck Windows

Use a silicone spray lubricant on window skids for an easy way of allowing windows to slide with ease.


8. Clogged Toilet

Clogged toilets are commonplace for most households and can pose as a problem within a day’s time. Use a flanged plunger with a suction cup while keeping it submerged. A plumbing snake is a secondary option that can also be used to unclog the toilet.


By learning how to perform easy DIY projects around the home, it can be easy to fix simple problems instead of first resorting to a professional for help. It will save time and money for a convenient way of keeping the home running and functional throughout the year.

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