Home Safety: 3 Small Things that Can Make Your Home More Secure

Securing your home likely ranks at the top of your to-do list. Break-ins and other property-related crimes can create significant damage and financial loss. Some criminal activities pose a physical threat to you and your loved ones. However, you may be holding back on improving home security because of the anticipated cost. While some home security products and techniques can cost a fortune, there are small and affordable ways to bolster security with profound results. Consider how these small things can be used on your property to achieve desired results.

High-Quality Locks

A common misconception is that all locks offer similar security benefits. In reality, some locks have incredibly complex inner mechanisms and are made of stronger materials. These locks are much more difficult for criminals to bypass and can enhance home security. Locksmiths can inspect your home’s current locks and advise you about products that may be more protective. Installing extra locks on doors and windows can also be effective in some cases.

Exterior Lighting

Dark homes are more vulnerable to criminal activity. They give the appearance that nobody is at home, which could make them a more appealing target. In addition, the shadows throughout a dark yard provide the cover that criminals seek as they work their way into a home. By upgrading exterior lighting, such as with landscape lights or motion-activated lights, the shadows are eliminated. As a result, your home is a less desirable target for criminals. To further remove hiding places, trim bushes around your windows and doorways.

Surveillance Cameras

Criminals usually strive to get in and out of a home unnoticed, so they actively look for surveillance cameras as they stake out a property. Surveillance cameras essentially place eyes in various areas of your property and record activities. These cameras increase the chance of them getting caught and successfully prosecuted, so criminals may avoid properties with cameras altogether and move on to the next home. Thanks to improved technology, you no longer have to pay a security company a high monthly monitoring rate to enjoy the benefits of surveillance cameras at home. In addition, these cameras are easy to install as a do-it-yourself project.

These are small improvements that require a nominal financial investment compared to some of the other security features and techniques that could be used. Analyze your property’s current security features, and identify its most vulnerable areas. By strategically focusing on these weaknesses in your home’s overall security, you can make small, productive measures to produce incredible results.

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