How a Fence Keeps Your Family Safe and Adds Home Value

Imagine spending a beautiful fall day in your kitchen baking a fresh apple pie while your kids run around the back yard, shrieking with laughter as they jump in piles of leaves. The scent of the pie is making your home smell amazing, and the fresh, cool air filtering through the open windows is refreshing. Knowing your children are safe and sound in the back yard gives you peace of mind, and it allows you to fully enjoy all that your lovely home and life have to offer.

Why You Need a Fence in Your Back Yard

If you have children or pets, having a fence is a must. Not only does a fence help to keep unwanted guests out of your yard, it keeps your loved ones in. You cannot stand in your kitchen and finish dinner or prepare a snack for the children, watching them through the window as they play if you do not have a fence. It takes only a moment for a small child to chase a ball or butterfly around to the front yard in that second you look away to fill a cup or feed the dog. Without a fence, your child could be in the middle of your busy street before you even realize she’s out of your sight. Installing a fence will prevent your children from getting out of the back yard.

Why You Need a Fence in the Front

Adding a fence to the front yard offers the same safety precautions as a fence in the back. It gives your children more room to play safely, keeps the neighborhood animals out of your yard, and it might even keep solicitors from ringing your door bell. Most importantly, however, it keeps your children from darting out into the street to catch a ball or chase a rogue toy.


Adding a fence to your home also adds value to your home. When a family is looking to purchase a home, they’re more willing to spend more on a home with a fence because it allows them to feel confident their children are safe in the yard. If your home is located on a busier street, adding a fence will provide even more value to your home, both financially and aesthetically. A home with a fence looks lovely and well-maintained.

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