How Security Checklist: Ten Things You Might be Missing

When crimes are occurring so frequently, home security has become a major issue. Be sure that the following components are a part of your plan and you could avoid a costly break-in:

1. Exterior Lights

A light shining upon a possible criminal is often enough to keep him or her at bay. Put these lights up all around the perimeter of the home.

2. Door Alarm

Once a door is open, you have a small window of opportunity to enter a code before the alarm calls the police department. For back doors or basement level doors, program them so they automatically call the police upon entry.

3. Window Alarms

These alarms function in the same way as the door alarm; however, no time frame generally exists. Once the window is opened, the alarm calls the police.

4. Glass Break Sensors

Some criminals might break the glass in order to open the window. Therefore, install glass break sensors, which work in the same way as the window alarms, on all of the windows in your home.

5. Warning Signs

Let individuals know that you have these alarms in the house. A yard with an alarm sign in it will often be passed over because criminals are looking for the easiest mode of entry.

6. Security Cameras

In the event that someone does break in, you will have the person on tape. You should also have signs that say these cameras are constantly watching the property.

7. Beware of Dog

Many people are scared aware when they see such a sign on the property. It is also a great way to avoid being liable if someone does break in and get bit by your dog – since you had a proper sign in place, you are not at fault for their injuries.

8. Multiple Locks

Quite a number of people simply do not lock their doors when they go out of the house. Even if you are just running out for a few minutes, it’s so important to lock every single lock on each door. It only takes a few minutes to burglarize a home. A dead bolt is a great lock to have because it isn’t as easy to pick as some of the typical handle locks.

9. Storm Doors and Screen Windows

While these may be somewhat easy for criminals to get through, they add another layer of protection to your own and provide you with more time to catch the criminal and alert the authorities.

10. Window Bars

Some people think that window bars should be placed only in “bad areas.” Remember, criminals can simply walk from one town to another, and “bad people” can live in good areas. Place window bars on your basement windows at the least, no matter where you live.

Following these tips helps you to create a more secure home. You can also invest in homeowners insurance for more peace of mind.


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