How to Add Value and Flair to Your Old Home

Older homes generally have more character and charm than their newer counterparts, but there usually comes a time when home improvement projects can provide them with the face lift that they need to retain their good looks. If you are searching for ways to enhance the aesthetic appeal of your old home, following are three suggestions designed to provide you with inspiration.

Add a Nice Porch or Deck

With today’s emphasis on outdoor living, an attractive and well-built deck or porch is sure to tack a significant sum of dollars onto the overall price tag of your home. It’s best to hire a reputable local contractor for this task and to use the best possible materials so that the fixture will look good and be long lasting. Many older houses were built when porches were included in home construction as a matter of routine, and it’s possible to remodel original porches in ways that meet modern purposes. For instance, if your old house has an old-fashioned sleeping porch built onto the back of it, redoing into a sun room would be an excellent use of space.

Let the Sun Shine in With New Windows

Many older homes that were built with heat retention in mind lack the open look that can be provided with accent windows patio doors. French doors in particular can substantially add to the indoor appeal of a charming older home. Accent windows can create focal points as well as let the sun stream in through them, and French doors that open out onto a comfortable, attractive patio will make any home more appealing. Adding a window seat or two will also increase your home value as well as your enjoyment of it.

Amp up the Curb Appeal

Some real estate experts insist that buyers make a purchasing decision before they even see the interior of the home. Although this is probably only true in some cases, it doesn’t hurt to increase the curb appeal of a home. Landscaping and hardscaping projects can achieve this goal, and paint and other cosmetic improvements can also improve outdoor aesthetic appeal. Coming home to a house with an abundance of curb appeal can greatly lift tired spirits at the end of a tough day at work as well as increase the monetary value of the house.

Remember that everything that you do to increase the value of your current home will also make it a more enjoyable place for you and your family to live.

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