How To Avoid Accidents By Kid Proofing A New Home

Moving to a new home is an exciting time for your family. It’s important to remember that during this excitement, safety must be a priority. This is especially true if you have a little one running around the house. To avoid accidents in your new home, implement these safety measures. If you manage a property for a young family, these upgrades will keep your property safe from any tragic accidents.

Baby Gates 

A baby gate is a versatile and inexpensive way to keep your child from entering dangerous areas of your home. The tricky thing about a new home is that you and your family are still learning the layout and all of the areas that are potentially hazardous to your child. As you learn about your new home, the installation of baby gates in hallways and doorways will keep your child in a perimeter of safety while providing them with enough room to play and explore. 

Roller Shutters 

For homes that possess large floor-to-ceiling windows or expansive archways, finding a practical and affordable way to kid-proof such large entryways can be an impossible task. Fortunately, there exists a way to create a solid barrier of protection in large archways and over easily accessible windows – the installation of roller shutters. Roller shutters are mechanically operated shutters that consist of horizontal metal slats that are connected by hinges. They can be operated remotely and rolled away in an overhead container that’s slender and blends perfectly with the frame. 

Child Safety Locks 

Installing child safety locks throughout your new home is an easy and effective way to reduce the risk of accidents and injuries that your child will endure. Child safety locks are designed to withstand the tugging, fiddling, and manipulation of curious fingers. They should be attached to cabinet doors, basement doors, and closet doors. Any area of your home that acts as a storage area, provides access to stairs or contains dangerous items and chemicals should be secured with a child safety lock. 

Electrical Outlet Covers 

It’s common knowledge that children are endlessly curious. This leads them into many dangerous situations, especially around electrical outlets. You can protect your child during their curious phase by installing special electrical outlet covers. These covers have panels that slide to one side to essentially block the outlets from being accessed. 
Kid-proofing your new home doesn’t have to stop here. Invest in rubber stoppers for the edge of your doors to prevent them from closing on little fingers. You should also invest in corner guards for the sharp edges of tables.

At first it may seem overwhelming to nest for a baby so extensively, but the peace of mind will definitely pay off when you know your child can have less to worry about, and so will you.

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